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Sheli Grumet joins me from Guesty where she is Marketplace Business Development Manager. Guesty’s Marketplace is a collection of providers that offer services that contribute to Guesty's mission - tech that reduces the workloads of short-term property managers and provides the right tools to grow their businesses.

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Karen Mullins joins me from HomeAway, where she is Regional Managing Director for the UK and Ireland. HomeAway is a holiday rental marketplace offering more than 2,000,000 holiday rentals globally and was one of the very first listing sites to the Short Stay Industry

Karen shares how the site is evolving with the Industry and is here to stay and shares her valuable insight in how to get the best out of the platform as Short Stay Providers and Karen also shares her unique insight into where she feels the Industry as a whole is headed for the future.

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Mark Simpson joins me from Boostly, the marketing agency for The Hospitality Industry, where he is founder - with 20 years in the Hospitality Industry and a mind for marketing and online tech, Mark has built up a wealth of knowledge on how to get your Short Stay to stand out from the crowd and take control of your own marketing as an accommodation provider

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Deborah Heather joins me from Quality In Tourism, as part of M-Assessment services, they help Hospitality owners assure guests that their host is dedicated to high standards within their business to ensure a memorable guest experience.

Take a look at the show notes and get in touch with Deborah at

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Simon Smith joins me from Lune Living - the UK Company dedicated to providing fine fabrics that are sourced ethically and are ecologically thoughtful, both in production and in the ongoing care of the fabrics. The Smith family have been producing fabrics since 1884, and have constantly evolved to meet the concerns of both their customers and the planet. For holiday home owners, keeping costs and their carbon footprint low is something that affects not only our bottom line, but how we plan to build a sustainable short stay industry for the future.

Lune have very kindly offered a 15% Discount for Holiday Let Success Listeners - full details on how to claim your 15% Discount in the podcast.

Listen today

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Fred Lerche-Lerchenborg joins me from Lavanda, the award-winning SaaS that is shaping the future of Short Stay Businesses, giving them the foundations on which to grow, scale & distribute

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Top Hog Humphrey Bowles joins me from GuardHog - GuardHog have created a seamless Tech experience for Hosts that ensures you only insure your Short Term Let for the duration of the bookings you have, offering a no nonsense way to cover and save in one dashboard.

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Vered Schwarz joins me from Guesty, where she is COO. Guesty is an end-to-end property management platform for short-term rentals, providing users with features including a multi-calendar tool that syncs all their listings, a unified inbox that syncs all messages across several channels in one place, automated task capabilities, 24/7 guest communication services and more. Recently the company raised $35M in Series C funding, bringing it’s total number raised to $60M, making it the highest-funded short-term property management platform on the market.

Vered also talks to me about Women in the Industry and her recent article in Entrepreneur Magazine.

Take a look at the full episode show notes right here

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On 8th November 2019, the very first Short Stay Show Summit took place at the Hotel Hesperia Tower in Barcelona. Here’s what went down!

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Short Stay Show Podcast - Big Data & Marketing - Graham Donoghue - Sykes Cottages

Graham Donoghue is CEO at Sykes Holiday Cottages, the leading and fastest-growing independent holiday cottage provider, offering over 17,000 holiday homes across the UK, Ireland and New Zealand.

"We are the fastest growing independent holiday cottage provider." Graham Donaghue

Graham joined me on the podcast to tell us what an experience of advertising your holiday home with Sykes Holiday Cottages entails - he shares the huge growth that Sykes has seen over the past 3 years and an insight into the future plans of this fast moving company.

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Short Stay Show Podcast - Mass Exposure for Your Short Stay - Vanessa De Souza Lage - Rentals United

Vanessa De Souza Lage is the CMO at Rentals United, the channel manager that provides a central location for your all your advertising channels, syndicates your listing out across these sites, saving you hours of work in your Short Stay business.

Listen to the full episode and get in touch with Vanessa on the website

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This is the last in our three-part podcast series with’s Ale Pacillio. On our last podcast, we talked a good deal about how is addressing some of the toughest challenges vacation rental owners face.

Today, we will be talking about the future of and exciting developments underway at the company that can help your business grow.

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Short Stay Podcast | Alessandro Pacilio | Care. Help. Achieve |


Following on from our 1st Podcast, where we delved into the industry at-large, today Ale Pacillio will be answering some of your questions today on what is doing to help make life easier for you as a VR owner

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In this episode Alessandro Pacilio joins me from, where he leads product marketing for the company’s homes and apartments division focused on professional short-term rental partners. is one of the largest travel platforms on the planet, but lesser known is that it has an entire department of its business dedicated to homes and apartments.

We get to know more about Ale and his role within BDC and he shares some exciting insights into the growth of the short stay side of BDC, where the best place to rent out a short stay property is and the benefits of being on Booking. com as a Short Stay Owner or provider.

They also talk about tips, trends and insight about how property owners, managers and investors can deliver the best experience for guests and travellers.

Listen to the full episode and have a read of the show notes at

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Short Stay Show Podcast - Luggage Storage Network - Catherine & Jack - Stasher

Stasher came about in 2015 as the brain-child of two Oxford Graduates.  Anthony lived near Kings Cross in London and regularly had friends asking if they could leave bags at his place so they could explore the city. They quickly realised hundreds of people must have this problem each day, and with struggling small high street businesses across the city that have extra space, this could be the perfect place to store them. They now have over 1000 storage locations across the world, all over Europe, US, Aus and Asia including hotel brands like Acccor and Premier Inn. 


Join me as Catherine & Jack from Stasher share how this genius luggage storage idea can ease the arrival and departure of guests into your property and give them a better experience, whilst removing an issue for you as Short Stay Providers

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Short Stay Show Podcast - Guest Experience Tablet - Henry Bennett - YourWelcome


Henry joins us from YourWelcome where he is CEO - YourWelcome is a smart tablet for short term rentals that is left out for guests and acts as the informational and transactional portal during their stay. Owners and managers can leave video instructional guides and upsell additional services (eg late check out) through the tablet. YourWelcome is installed in over 15,000 short stay properties globally.

In the second of a series of special podcast episodes with The Short Stay Show we meet Henry Bennett and learn about all things guest experience, automation and making more profits with your #holidaylet

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The first in a special series of Short Stay Podcast Episodes

Louise Birriterri joins me from Pikl, where she is CEO. In short – Pikl are Insurance People - preserving the things you love.

Louise shares all things protection and what you can do to be sure you're covered and some surprising insights into Insurance for the Short Stay Industry.

Pikl attended the Short Stay Show in Excel in March of 2019 at Excel London, she shares her views on the importance of the show and what it is doing for the Short Stay Community & Industry as a whole.

Hear the full episode and book your place for March 2020.

Get in touch with Elaine at

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Lorraine is a seasoned property professional, online business entrepreneur and a busy mum. Together with her husband, they’ve built a sizeable portfolio of properties and together they have branched out one arm of their business into the Holiday Let Industry, and she’s here to share her experience with us today.

We talk all things:
*Remote property management
*Guest experience
*Choosing your market & serving them
*Multi generational holiday provisions
*Wheelchair friendly accommodation

Listen to the full episode

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Why build your Direct Bookings? More control over our businesses, freedom from the OTA Trap, No Commissions = More Profits

In this episode I outline 2 competition strategies for two different goals that I've been running and have been effective recently inside my business at boosting Direct Bookings.

I walk you through the steps I've taken for the two different strategies and the outcomes I'm aiming for and have produced so far

Hear the full episode:

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A real powerhouse of an episode - Sonja and I talk all things marketing and break down the marketing terms you'll have heard of and what they mean. Starting from the ground up.

We talk branding and the right message, how to automate some of the repetetive marketing tasks, and share some great tools you can put to work in your business right now!

hear the full episode and get to the shownotes page right here

Canva course -

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Prolong the Life of Your Mattress and improve your guests experience!

Who knew just how much nastiness could be left inside a mattress, even with the protective covers that I know you're all using - well Kate knows exactly what's left behind because she cleans them ! Which not only help give your guests a fabulous nights sleep, but prolongs the life of the mattress. Also known as your investment!

Connect with me and read the show notes at

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We all want more direct bookings right?

More control over our businesses? Our marketing? our rules?

Of course we do. And to do that we need to really share that Booking Direct is even an option for guests, many don't realise and automatically go to the OTA's (Online Travel Agents) or Listing sites.

#BookDirectHour has been created to bring holiday let owners together, to share our best deals for guests to book direct and show the listing sites that there is a community out here who want to work with them, but are fed up of being dealt with like we're the final thought and we no longer want to have rules pushed onto our businesses.

Join this movement, let's work together to really make a difference and get this #tag trending!

See you on twitter #BookDirectHour with @holidayletpod 12pm uk time

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Build Your Network - Get More Direct Bookings

Ever been asked by a potential guest for a property you don't have ? Whether it's the location, the date, the size, the facility that doesn't quite fit?

Yes. Me too.

And so has Deborah Labi - many times over in her 13 years in the Holiday Let Industry. Deborah realised she had turned away thousands of pounds worth of bookings over the years due to not having exactly what the guest wanted in her own portfolio and didn't have the network locally to refer the guest to.

The Have You Got Network was born! Learn how you can join, get more bookings and give your guests great service

Listen to the full episode here

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Rental fraud is sadly becoming more and more prevalent in our Industry and it's tainting what we've all worked so hard for - it's time to take a stand, make changes, protect our guests and our industry and stamp out the criminals who regularly elude the authorities.

Chris is the founder of I-Prac, the verification platform that approves property owners and rental agencies around the world, protecting travellers from rental fraud. What that means in real terms though - is protecting families planning exciting holidays and looking forward to creating special memories together from arriving on their long planned and awaited trip only to find their dream villa they paid that huge £5k deposit for….doesn’t actually exist. The knock on effect of protecting travellers, is protecting us and our Industry.

Hear the full episode at

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Soooo much exciting stuff going on in the Holiday Let Industry, many in person and online meetups - so dive in and start hanging out with proactive Holiday Home owners and managers just like you with these top holiday let industry events!

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091: VR Scheduler | Jill Mason | Automate Workflow, Get More Done

There's always so much to track, schedule, plan and check when looking after a Holiday Home...

Jill Mason joins us from VR Scheduler - the online tool that helps you automate vacation rental workflow so you can get more done in less time!

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On 14th March 2019 the very first Short Stay Show took place at Excel in London and this is what happened!

Hear from some of the speakers and exhibitors giving the lowdown on their experience of the day, head to the show notes page to connect with the people from The Short Stay Community that I was lucky enough to speak to!

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089: Noiseaware | The Smoke Detector for Noise

Noisey guests can be a huge headache for owners in the short term rental industry. Andrew Schulz from Noiseaware along with Co-Founder dave Strauss are on a mission to change that ! They have created smart noise sensors which will alert you to any issues in your property, wherever you are in the world. In short they're giving people the power to know the noise level at their property anytime, anywhere.Or, as the guys both told me when I first met them at the London UK VRTech Live in March 18, they're party pooping their way around the globe!

listen now at

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This is the show the UK Short Term Stay Industry has been waiting for - taking place in March 2019 on the 14th at ExCeL London!

Listen to Diane Lloyd, co-organiser, tell us all about what to expect and why it's a must attend event.

Listen all the way to the end where I share a discount code only for listeners of the Holiday Let Success Podcast!

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088: Beginners Guide to Channel Managers

So what is a Channel Manager anyway ?

And why do I need one?

At the beginning of my journey as a Holiday Home Owner there were plenty of terms that popped up that I was unfamiliar with - Channel Manager was definitely one of them - but as time has gone by and I've learned and implemented I now know what a Channel Manager is and what an integral part of my business it is.

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087: Sean T Miller - Pointcentral - Smart Home Solutions

Sean Miller joins us from PointCentral who provide Smart Home Solutions for the future focussed Vacation Rental owner. Their Vacation Rental Smart Home Solutions work to improve security, reduce energy costs, streamline operations and impress guests.


Take a look at the full post here and connect with Sean

Have you used Smart Home Technology in your Short Stay Accommodation?

Let us know how it works for you in the Holiday Let Success Podcast Community right here

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086: Beginners Guide to OTA's

Holiday Rental Websites, OTA's, Booking Sites or Listing Sites? Let's start by looking at what the heck an OTA is anyway, Online Travel Agent apparently - yes I was as confused as you with the term initially too - but I'm going to talk you through my understanding then see how we can best fit them into our businesses!

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086.5: Merilee Karr - Under The Doormat - Bringing Community to The Short Term Letting Industry

Merilee is the founder of Under the Doormat, a London based, short term home accommodation company rooted in the sharing economy.  With a sharp focus on customer service for both owners and guests, they are different to the norm and offer the quality of a hotel in the comfort of a home

Listen to Merilee's background, her involvement in advocating for the Industry as one of the founders of the STAA and her input with The Short Stay Show:

Listen now:

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Have You Got Luggage Storage?

Answer the question most guests ask - have you got anywhere I can leave my luggage before check in or after check out?

Listen to this episode to find out how you can help your guests experience, offer luggage storage, but without the issue of where it'll all go!

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I've learned a lot since becoming a holiday home owner - some more surprising than others, and I thought it'd be fun to share ten things that I didn't know and didn't expect to have to know. Some are big, some are smaller, all have had to be negotiated and worked around in my journey so far - and I'm sure there'll be many more realisations moving forwards!

One things I talk about is becoming a marketer - to get hold of the Facebook Ads beginners Step by Step guide I talk about in this episode head to

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Simon Tolson is a Holiday Let manager based in Cornwall,  drawing on his past experience as a Financial Adviser, he built his own portfolio and helped others find and renovate their dream properties before moving onto running a collection of brands including Above Beach Cottages, Portleven Holidays, Niche Retreats, ABC Mousehole Cottages and the Visit Porthleven website.

Simon joins us today to share his vast knowledge on the Industry as a whole, the changes he has brought all of his businesses through and his insights and predictions on the future of the Booking sites

Take a look at the show notes page, grab the resources we talk about in the episode and connect with Simon right here

Ready to do more with your Holiday Let Business?

Join The HLS Learning Hub -
Join our membership site today where you have access to all our Free Resources for Holiday Home Owner!

Get involved right here

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In this episode I'm talking about systems & processes within your Holiday Let Business and why it's important and something we can all do within our businesses.

“Let systems run the business and people run the systems”  Michael Gerber

Get access to the Free Email templates I mention in this episode to help you get up and running with systemisation by joining the HLS Learning Hub, our Membership area right here:

Head to the show notes page for more free stuff and to get hold of the links to the other cool things I mention in this episode:

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David is the co-founder of Hostfully, a digital welcome book that allows you to share key pieces of information your guest needs in the run up to their stay, as well as sharing information about the property itself and the local area, giving guests a great user experience and reducing time spent answering queries from guests for us!

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It's a new season for the Holiday Let Success Podcast and we've exciting new resources, interviews with the most innovative companies in the Industry, Twitter chats, Free Members area, in person meetups and much more!

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079: How to Maximise Your Income | Jitka Foralova |

Have you ever thought about using to advertise your Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Property?

Is even suitable for advertising your property?

If you're already using how do you maximise your exposure and bookings?

Jitka Foralova - Jitka works for in the UK and in her role as Area Manager, her team focusses on building relationships and supporting’s accommodation partners in the South of the UK, including thousands of holiday home and vacation rental owners.

Leave me a voicemail with your feedback and experience with at

Follow the HLS Podcast on Twitter
Find the HLS Podcast on Facebook
Find the HLS Podcast on YouTube

Join the HLS Facebook Group here

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How to Grow & Scale Your Business with Jason West

How to Grow and Scale Your Serviced Accommodation Business with Jason West from Home Apartments

Holiday Let properties and Serviced Accommodation are very similar - with a few subtle differences which we discuss in this episode.

Jason then tells us how he has gone from a small portfolio to almost 10 and £100,000 worth of bookings received in 2017 alone (we are only in med February!)

Join me on the podcast as I talk to Jason West - who is rapidly growing his property portfolio, having perfected his systems and processes and built a strong foundation on which to grow. Jason is the Managing Director of Home Apartments, a leading provider of Serviced Accommodation, currently operating in the South of England. Jason has accumulated great experience in the marketing of serviced accommodation, with a sharp focus on the guest experience - providing exceptional accommodation in key locations in the UK.

Read the full story and get access to the spreadsheets and channel manager Jason uses here

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In today's super fast, instant information society Guests are used to getting everything they need, immediately. From a response to an enquiry, right through to arriving at your Holiday Home and the information they need locally. A subject I touched on in a recent episode Ep 070: 10 Apps to Run Your Holiday Let Business By - where I talk about my own absolute addiction to my smart phone and admit to running my entire life from it through a series of exceptionally good apps! I also share 10 apps I use in my own business which save me time, help me increase bookings and reduce the time I spend doing it, so take a listen!

One of those innovations I mention is more than an app - it's a complete device for guests to use during their stay at your Holiday Home | Vacation Rental. A company I came across very recently and realised the potential for both owners and guests as soon as I found them.

In this episode we delve into YourWelcome and talk about the importance of standing out from the crowd and embracing technology

Take one of our online courses for Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Owners at

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With Floorplans being one of the most requested features by guests during the bookings process in 2016 - Listen to Episode 049: 4 Must Have Elements of Your Holiday Let Website for 2016 - I wanted to share 5 providers so you can get that flooplan organised and shared with potential guests.

You can share the Floorplan on your website, across social media and on the listing sites to make picturing exactly what it's going to be like to stay at your Holiday Home easy to imagine by your guests, and therefore your place easier to book.

If a guest still has unanswered questions when they are on your site, they won't book. You want to answer as many questions as you can with the information your provide, photos, videos and Floorplans are 3 of the most powerful ways to do that, backed up with top notch copy. In Episode 059 I talk to Andy McNulty from GuestHook about the power of copywriting for Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Owners - listen right here.

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Katrina Jones is an award winning property investor and mentor from London.

I really want Katrina to share her story of how she has changed her life from being shy and unsure to truly finding her passion and not being afraid to be all that she is and most importantly the mindset it takes to do that. In business, whatever industry you’re in, mindset is the foundation of everything. The next layer is the values your business is built upon and when your business values and ethos are excellence, especially in any service industry, you have the grounds for success.

Katrina's thriving business - Kendall-Bailey is built upon mindset and service excellence and Katrina is here to share her story and what those elements really look like inside a service business.

Head to the full post right here

Direct download: katrina_kendall_bailey_produced.mp3
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In today's age of the Smart phone we have everything we could possibly need at our fingertips in the form of apps - there are apps for everything and I have to admit to be entirely addicted to my smart phone and running my entire life from it through a series of exceptionally good apps!

And it's also true that the apps available now can pretty much help you with every area of your life - there are more and more that will help us run different elements of our Holiday Let businesses too. Whether the property is local to you or further afield, help is available and most in the form of a handy and great value, if not free, app!

So it's time to embrace technology and utilise it to make your life easier and reduce the stresses of running your Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Business!

In this episode I walk you through 10 apps that are superb and will help you run your business more smoothly

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We as Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Owners are always looking for ways to Increase Bookings and there's a huge focus on advertising vacation rentals online. As there should be - the internet is huge and the reach is vast and you can pinpoint your audience with the extremely accurate data available at the touch of a button.

I always feel we should be building as many different ways of creating awareness of our Holiday Let | Vacation Rentals as possible and we shouldn't overlook the fact that there are real people close by who would love to connect with you as a small business owner and by building relationships one on one it's possible to build an entirely new way of bringing in visitors to your holiday home. I say 'new' way, but really it's heading back to the old way - and back to how businesses used to be built, by forming strong, mutually beneficial relationships with other like minded people! Or at least that's the basis of it, with a smattering of up to date technology to help things along!!

In today's episode I talk about reaching out to local businesses and creating a network of like minded individuals and some ideas of how to go about it!

Take a look at the post that accompanies the episode right here - leave me a comment and let me know how you build relationships and what has worked for you in your business!

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In this episode shares how his company have risen from humble beginnings back in 2000 in Torquay in Devon, to be a provider of quality Holiday Homes, and great memories, to guests internationally. And a provider of top quality marketing for Holiday Home Owners too, helping them to understand how to provide excellent service to guests and create a solid business that works for them.

With a strong team around him and embracing technology, Richard shares his vast experience of marketing Holiday Homes


We look at the best uses of technology in today's market and highlight the key areas owners must focus on in order to thrive in 2016 as a Holiday Let Owner


Take a look at the full post right here

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Breaking Accessible Travel Barriers

How do we as Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Owners offer accessible accommodation, what are the requirements? How do we ensure we are offering a smooth, straightforward and stress free stay for someone who is travelling with disabilities?

In this episode, Srin Madipalli Co-founder of, joins me on the podcast and we talk all things accessible accommodation and hopefully allay the fears that owners have of providing the right type of equipment to fit the needs of someone travelling with a disability and ensure their stay is stress free.

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5 Steps to Running a Competition in Your Holiday Let Business and Why You Should Do It

In this episode I share the 5 Steps I follow when I'm running a competition in my Holiday Let Business, why I use competitions and the benefits I've seen in building my email list and in pulling in more bookings.

I also run through the way I plan out my email marketing for the year and how to make offers direct to your email subscribers inbox.


Do you want to learn how to use Facebook adverts in your Holiday Let Business? Make sure you let me know - if enough listeners ask for help in this area I will create a short intro course to get you up and running.

Join the HLS Learning Hub here and access one of our existing free courses


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Rod Fitts is the President of AVROA, The Association of Vacation Rental Operators and Affiliates, which exists to form an allegiance within our Industry. Their mission statement says it all: To be the place where owners, managers and companies affiliated with VR industry can connect and take advantage of the benefits that naturally occur when people and organizations work together.

In this episode I talk to Rod Fitts of AVROA and we look at the power of working together as Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Owners, to create a super group of owners who can work together as one and influence the future of our Industry.

Listen to the full episode at

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Protecting you and your Property Investment are essential parts of owning and running your own Holiday Let Business - and it's essential that you have the correct cover. Holiday Let Insurance is specialised insurance - there to ensure a range of scenarios are covered, specific to the needs of a Home that runs as a business.

In today's episode I share 5 Insurers that are well known for what they do, have great feedback and cover homes around the world. Each insurer has their own set of locations, property types, inclusions, exclusions and terms and conditions unique to them. Each should be thoroughly researched for suitability to your particular circumstances.

Hear the full episode, link through to the individual insurers and listen to past episode with Phil Schofield from Schofields Insurance at

Direct download: 5_Ins_providers.mp3
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Nick Elston from Signable joins me on the podcast. Signable offer an online document signing portal where you can securely and legally get all your documents signed, regardless of your location.

In this episode we look at lots of time saving benefits of using an online signing portal in our Holiday Let Businesses, as well as addressing some of the concerns around using a service like Signable.

Head to the page at

Direct download: Nick_Elston_produced.mp3
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How to keep control of your Holiday Home wherever you are, save time and money and increase your bottom line!

Join me on this exciting episode where I share some of the most inredible home automation tools available today that can really shift how you run your holiday home, improve the experience for guests and really get you standing out from the crowd!

Direct download: 7_awesome_home_automation.mp3
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Join me on the podcast as I talk to Rentals United CMO Vanessa De Souza Lage. Rentals United provide an online booking portal, or central calendar, that allows you to advertise on many listing sites or advertising channels without having to log into each site individually.

In this episode Vanessa explains how using a channel manager gives you access to adverting you may not ordinarily be able to reach due to the logistics of managing lots of calendars individually and actually saves you time in running your business on a day to day basis. The online portal provides a central location for your calendar and manages all your advertising channels, saving you hours of work in your Holiday Let | Vacation Rental or Serviced Accommodation Business.

Direct download: rentals_united_edt.mp3
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7 Solutions to overcome time sapping activities within your Holiday Let Business


If you're a Holiday Let Owner who wants better results with your Business but you struggle with finding the time to keep everything running you need These 7 Tools to Increase Bookings in your Holiday Let!

Tune into this episode of the Podcast where I cover 7 of the best and most useable, time saving, organisational tools out there! I use all of these tools in my business on a day to day basis and they have truly made my life in running my business much easier. I also use some of these tools in my ordinary life to stay organised too.

Direct download: 060_7_organisation_tools.mp3
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Join me on this episode as I continue my conversation with Andy McNulty.

Andy founded Touchstay and Guest Hook - this episode looks at Guest Hook, a copywriting service for Holiday Home Owners...those days when you're stuck for what to write on your listing, website, newsletter or marketing email could be long gone with Guest Hook!

If you're not at the stage where you want to take on a professional service, Andy offers some insights into what makes Copy great and how you can apply these principles inyour own writing for you Holiday Let Business.

Head to to hear the whole episode and access to the shownotes.

Direct download: Guest_Hook_Andy_M.mp3
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Ep 058: The 14 Habits of Highly Successful Holiday Home Owners

Retrain Your Mind to Have The Best Version of Your Holiday Let Business You Possibly Can

And yes Stephen R Covey got it down to 7, but I have consistently found 14 ways I’ve learned to retrain my mind inside the Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Industry. I’ve learned a lot from speaking to many, many incredible people in the Industry and these 14 traits, mindsets or principals are what have consistently stood out to me. When the best are the best these traits are there and run through to the core of the owners business.

Loads of awesome automation tools shared in this episode too - check them all out and listen to the podcast at

Direct download: 14_Habits.mp3
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Join me on the podcast as I talk to Andy McNulty of Touchstay, Andy is a long term advocate of the Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Industry and has stayed in over 30 Holiday Homes over the years, so he has a real insight into what it's like to be a guest in a Holiday Let and what information Owners really need to be sharing with guests to make a really memorable Holiday!

This beautiful product allows you to share vital information with your guest, giving them a memorable experience and saving you time and energy in keeping a physical welcome book up to date!


Read the full post at where you will also find a video of the Touchstay brochure created for one of my holiday homes so you can see the product in full working order for yourself!

Direct download: Andy_Mcnulty_touchstay.mp3
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Join me on the podcast as I talk to Vacation Rental Marketing specialist Antonio Bortolotti, Antonio is the proactive and inspirational owner of Casa Teulada, a rustic villa in Sardinia and the author of Vacation Rental Secrets, and the founder of the Vacation Rental World Summit

Find all the details here

We discuss many things Vacation Rental marketing and the future of the Industry in 2016 and how we as owners can adapt and thrive this year and beyond plus:


  • What we can expect from this years event with the Vacation Rental World Summit
  • What Antonio is dedicated to owners coming away from the event with
  • Antonio's guiding philosophy for holiday home owners in today's market
  • Where he thinks the future of the Holiday let | Vacation Rental industry is headed
  • Antonio's advice to market their property successfully in 2016 and beyond
Direct download: Antonio_edt.mp3
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This episode of the podcast is an interesting one as I talk to Learn Airbnb, an online resource that shares the possibilities and realities of Airbnb and how to negotiate them and use them to your advantage and ultimately Increase Bookings In Your Holiday Let Business

Join us over at

Remember to head to the Facebook Page to keep up with our LIVE Video series 151 Power Tips for Holiday Let Success at ! We'll see you there!

Direct download: learn_airbnb.mp3
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Introducing the Facebook Live Video Series - 151 Power Tips for Holiday Let Success!

Join me daily for 151 days of Power Tips to help you Increase Bookings | Reduce Costs | Save Time in your Holiday Let Business.

Each tip is carefully designed to be reletively simple to implement and includes an HLS Challenge and Quote of the Day!

The book of the same title will be releasing in the next few weeks as well - so make sure you're subscribed to get the first notifications so you can get your hands on a copy straight away!

head over to to watch daily and catch up on what's already there.

Catch 151 Power Tips on Youtube too at

Direct download: 151_power_tips_intro.mp3
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This episode shares a great service for holiday home owners who have a UK based Holiday Let Property.

Sorry to miss out the overseas owners, this exciting initiative may however give you a new look at how to manage your utilities and there may be a service provider local to you doing something similar or if you're considering a UK based Holiday Let, this is another great reason for the UK!

Ashley Tate from Split the Bills joins me to share the time saving, admin saving idea that is Split The Bills.

Direct download: split_the_bills.mp3
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How to begin property investing for financial freedom using Holiday Let Properties

Join me on the podcast as I talk to experienced UK based property Investor John Kerr and he shares the strategies he's used to grow his income from his property portfolio using many of the principals we as Holiday Let Owners have in place - he shares real tip on how to begin property investing for financial freedom using Holiday Let Properties.

Listen to the full episode and read the show notes and see all of John's recommendations at


Direct download: John_Kerr_edt.mp3
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Join me on the podcast as I talk you through and help you to answer the question - Do I Need a Website for My Holiday Let Vacation Rental Business? - here's 12 Top Reasons you should get your own Holiday Let Website Right Away! It's the first step in taking control of the future of your Holiday Let Business!

How much better would it be to look forward knowing you can take control of the future of your Holiday Let Business and accept direct bookings, on your terms?

I absolutely believe that having your own Wordpress Website is the best way of creating your own online presence and starting to take control of the future of your Holiday Let Business, here's 12 great reasons to get started today!

Listen today

Direct download: 12_Top_Website_Reasons.mp3
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With guests wants and needs changing with the way they book – In 2016 instant online booking is becoming more and more prevalent.

Should we as Holiday Home owners allow the instant online booking feature on our websites and through the listing sites?

The big argument of should we as Holiday Home owners allow the instant online booking feature rumbles on and on. We’re being pushed by the big listing sites to allow online bookings, it’s something their huge amount of visitors to their sites are starting to expect, if not demand. I’m pretty certain that towards the end of 2016 online booking of Holiday Let | Vacation Rentals is going to be the norm.

Where do you stand this issue?

And what are guests top 4 requirements for booking a Holiday Let or vacation rental in 2016, we'll take a look in this podcast!

Ready to start taking bookings directly from your own website? Enroll in our Premium online course and build your own website for your Holiday Let - step by step with support along the way at Holiday Let Success Online Courses

Choose from one of our Free Online Courses for Holiday Home Owners there too!

Direct download: 049_4_website_elements_2016.mp3
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Join me on the podcast as I walk you through 5 Powerful Tools you can start using inside your Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Business to automate some of the repetitive but essential tasks and save time in the day to day running of your Holiday Let Business.

We cover time saving across Marketing, Guest Care and Home Automation


Take our completely Free Online Course:


Social Media 101: Introduction to Social Media for Holiday Home Owners

Direct download: 048_5_Top_Auto_Tools_for_HLS.mp3
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047: Understanding What's At Stake


Join me on this episode where we look at the huge responsibility we have has Holiday Let and Vacation Rental Owners to ourselves, our holiday let guests and to our Industry!

Direct download: whats_at_stake.mp3
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Build Your Holiday Let Portfolio | Mark Walker | The Business Builder


Amazing Offer for HLS Listeners worth £250 in this episode!!


Mark Walker is a long time entrepreneur and one of his ongoing loves is property, he has built himself an extensive and varied portfolio and some of that portfolio includes Holiday Let Homes. I know Mark has learned a lot along the way and continues to learn and share his experiences and passion for the property across industries. Mark also has experience in business building, speaking, investing and he is a renowned coach and mentor.

Direct download: mark_walker_edited.mp3
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We are all really clear that photography is absolutely imperative in our Holiday Let or Vacation Rental Businesses - It's the window into our Holiday Let, it help the guest to understand what they can expect, if it's what they're looking for and what the Holiday Let is close to.

But video helps you take things a step further and can help you to connect with your guest before they've even arrived, put them at ease and truly ensure they have everything they need in real time.

This episode looks at when and how to get started using video before you're even ready!

I talk about how to get going quickly, simply and cost effectively. Download the cheatsheet I talk about that details all of the resources I use to create lovely looking, personally created video for my potential guests.

Direct download: Power_of_vid_edited.mp3
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Larry Klimczyk joins me from where he’s part of the team offering a superb way to get  a second huge benefit from your Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Investment in the form of a brilliantly crafted Holiday Home Exchange.


We talk about what we can do as holiday let | Vacation Rental Owners to stand ut from the crowd and be exceptional.


PLUS!! A whopping great deal for Holiday Let Success Listeners!!


Listen for the code and head to the website at to find full details of the OFFER!!


Direct download: Larry_edited_final.mp3
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Blogging Brainstorm - What to Blog About on Your Holiday Let Website


So you've got your shiny new website and started to set tine aside to write a blog and then.......blank!!


What to write about??


This episode looks at the different ways to get you thinking on what is the best thing to talk about to attract your target audience. Today we look at brainstorming:


1. Your target audience - who is your ideal guest?


2. The local area - what attractions are there?


3. The local businesses you regularly use when you're staying in your holiday home, or what attracted you to the area in the first place


4. Putting yourself back in the shoes of your guest, what did you ask when you first started looking into the area?


5. Types of blog post - how to get you at least writing something, and then expanding on it !


Listen to the full episode to hear all the different ways to use area, your contacts, your existing knowledge to get you blogging to attract the right people and to position yourself as an expert in your area and as a caring, knowledgeable Holiday Let | Vacation Rental owner.


Hear the full episode at

Direct download: brainstorm.mp3
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Annette Morganroth joins me from where she is head of Marketing and Customer Relations. is a booking system for holiday home | vacation rental owners and agencies, it's a comprehensive booking system with availability calendars for your website that is there to make the management of your holiday home simpler and take some of the repetitive jobs out of your hands.


As you'll hear in the episode, it's a hugely powerful tool that goes beyond the standard bookings and availability calendar.




Go to to find out how!

Direct download: rec_beds24com_.mp3
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The short Answer is YES!!


In this episode we look at Why you should have a blog on your Holiday Let Website.....


How it can help you make great connections, get found more easily in search results and give your credibility


Listen to the full episode

Direct download: Should_I_have_a_blog.mp3
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Hot Topic right now - Dynamic Pricing for Short Term Rental!


Doug Ross from Everbooked joined me on the podcast to talk about the hot topic of Dynamic Pricing for Short Term Rental


Doug Ross is the Co-founder and Business Developer at Everbooked, a dynamic pricing tool that works with your airbnb listing and gives you additional insights into your local market so you can stand out


Listenb to the full episode and start applying these principles in your business:

Direct download: Doug_Ross.mp3
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Creating your website for your Holiday Let is a hugely important step - let's look at some of the simplest ways to get up and running and some of the things you should be looking out for!

A look at some of the best resources to get you up and running quickly with your own Holiday Let | Vacation Rental website and start building your online presence outside of the listing sites and start building your business independence and a 'base' for sharing your updates and local information that will be useful to visitors to your area.


Includes resources and videos at

Direct download: 042_how_to_website.mp3
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Andrew Carlone from Coral.Life joins me on the Podcast


Andrew Carlone is the Co-founder and CEO of Coral.Life, an interactive home guide and guest management tool that shares valuable information about your property and the local area to truly maximise the guests experience. And make life easier for you as hosts.


Andrew shares:


*His background and how he started out in the vacation rental | Holiday Let industry | Airbnb world.

*How the creation of the Coral.Life tool come as a solution for a need you saw within the industry and his experience as a user of the sharing economy

*Who Coral is for

*What Coral.Life is and how it works and helps owners maximise the guest experience

*How Coral.Life improves the experience of the guest

*When Coral.Life created and  how it was created for the Airbnb platform but even during beta is already being developed for many, many more places!

*Andrew describes the Host experience and the guests experience and talks  about how easy it is to get set up?

*The costs involved in using Coral. Life

*His guiding philosophy in the Industry

Hear the podcast now at

Direct download: Andrew_Carlone.mp3
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How to create an opt in for your holiday let website


As we talked about why you need to be bringing visitors from your website onto you email list on the last episode.


This episode takes you to the next step - how to create it and how to deliver it, plus how to collect the email address!


Listen to the podcast now and look out for the accompanying video series that walks you through step by step.

Direct download: 038_Opt_in_Creation.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:43pm EDT

In this episode we're looking at the list!


*What is your list?

*Why do you need a list?

*How do you get someone on your list?

*What do you do with them now they're on your list?

*A few opt in ideas

*Running an online competition and the regulations surrouding that


I have created a list of 48 opt in ideas for Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Owners that will get your ideas flowing and hopefully give you something you can use as your own opt in so you can start building your list and marketing your holiday let to your list of already interested  people, nurturing them and helping them decide on booking with you.


You can get your hands on this super useful list at 


Then you can also see what it's like to opt in and see how my opt ins are delivered to those who subscribe


The next episode we will move onto the next step and talk about how to create an opt in, how to deliver it and the different email delivery tools available.


Direct download: what_is_my_list_why.mp3
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Cleanliness is Next to Godliness | Systemising your Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Business


Join me as I talk about the impact exceptional cleanliness has on your reviews and guest experience.


Plus how to reclaim hours of time and mental energy by systemising the processes within your holiday let | vacation rental business.


Head over to for free downloads that will help you run your business more efficiently and with more fun!

Direct download: 035_cleanliness.mp3
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Karen is the Founder of The Business of Holiday Rental & is a successful holiday home owner, running her luxury holiday home, Spring Cottage, based in Yorkshire. 


Karen shares her guiding principles of running the best version of your holiday let | vacation rental business possible.


She shares what holiday home | vacation rental owners struggle with the most and how to overcome it, along with:


*Her biggest failure

*Her biggest successes

*Where she sees her best marketing returns

*The importance of photography

*How to ask for and use feedback

*How to stage your holiday home for a photographer


Plus some great free downloads that you can start using in your business right now!


Go to


Direct download: 034_Karen_Spencer.mp3
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Are you struggling to keep on top of all your calenders, across all the different channels available, such as airbnb, Flipkey and Homeaway?


Are you struggling to find a perfect calender and booking tool for your own vacation rental | holiday let website?


Do you want to take online bookings but aren't sure how to do it?


Then this is the episode, and the software, for you.


The extremely knowledgeable Sebastien Grosjean, joined me from a brilliantly created piece of software that will, cost effectively and efficiently, address all the questions I laid out about - and more!


Join me as BookingSync CEO and Founder Sebastien talks about what the software can do for you and shares his valuable knowledge after 25 years experience in the Vacation Rental | Holiday Let Industry.

Direct download: Seb_Booking_sync.mp3
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People love to travel with their pets.


In the UK alone a third travel with their pets each year, at a cost of £460 million.


A market not to be ignored.


But how can you do it without losing your marbles, whilst offering a great service to owners travelling with pets?


Here's my take, complete with pet friendly checklist! Enjoy the episode, then let me know what works for you - have you had any pet disasters and how did you handle it??


Listen in at

Direct download: 032_Pet_Friendly.mp3
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In the second part, Jasper shares:

  • How we as holiday home owners can use airbnb
  • The components of a good listing
  • How to get results on airbnb
  • How to get great reviews
  • Pricing strategies
  • Huge discounts on some of the best Data Driven pricing companies
  • Huge discounts on his own course that walks you step by step through getting up and running on airbnb - a must listen!


In the second half, Jasper offers listeners of the Holiday Let Success Podcast some amazing discounts on his Udemy course and on Everbooked, an awesome analytics tool that helps you to adjust to pricing changes and maximise bookings for your airbnb listing. Thanks Jasper!!

Direct download: Jasper_Part_2.mp3
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Really happy to have been joined by Jasper Ribbers of Get Paid for Your Pad Podcast.


Jasper is a true Airbnb genius and he shares the background of Airbnb, how it started, how the sharing economy is changing the world  and the good and the bad of the sharing economy.


He shares airbnb's security and reviews system and we chat about the type of people that use airbnb.


Jasper also talks about the financial freedom airbnb has allowed him and how his life has changed as a direct result of the airbnb platform.



In the second part, which will be out tomorrow, Jasper shares:


* How we as holiday home owners can use airbnb

*The components of a good listing

*How to get results on airbnb

*How to get great reviews

*Pricing strategies

*Huge discounts on some of the best Data Driven pricing companies

*Huge discounts on his own course that walks you step by step through getting up and running on airbnb - a must listen!


Looking forward to sharing this with you!


Head on over to


Direct download: Ep_030_Jasper_Pt1.mp3
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Just how important is it that we respond immediately to enquiries from potential guests?


How long does it take you to respond to an enquiry from a guest, wherever that query came from?


Let me know at

Direct download: Early_bird_aud.mp3
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Ep 028: To Clean or Not to Clean?


That is the question.


What do you do in your holiday home ?


Do you expect guests to don their rubber gloves and start scrubbing before they leave? Battling bed covers and removing rubbish?


Or do you ask for nothing but a level of respect and the following of a few 'house rules'?


I have very clear views on how I think things should be done and how I treat my guests on checkout.


What do you expect from your guests?


Let me know at

Direct download: To_Clean_or_not_to_clean.mp3
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Ep 027: Cynthia Sanchez | Social Media Expert | Pinterest for Holiday Lettings

How and why should I use Pinterest for my holiday let | vacation rental business?

Will I have time to add this social media platform to my marketing?

How easy is it to use?

Is there really that much traffic from Pinterest?

The answers to these questions and more are all addressed in this episode where social media marketing expert Cynthia Sanchez shares the strategies, know how, facts and figures on the huge potential that is Pinterest

(Did I mention it's free and simple to use? And lots of fun!)

Listen in now at

Direct download: 027_Cynthia_S.mp3
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Your answer to the ever present question of how to impress your guests starts with knowing where to invest in high quality, and how to make them feel at home, or even better then home, a luxurious version of home.


Getting a full night’s sleep is definitely high on the list of essentials to a superb stay in your holiday home-it consistently comes up in feedback as important to guests when away from their own bed.


Get the Ultimate Holiday Let Success Checklist so you can create the bedroom of your guests dreams, download the free checklist now.

Direct download: Sleep_produced.mp3
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Wordpress genius and all round great guy Rob Cubbon joined me on the show to talk all things Wordpress Website related and really shared valuable knowledge on getting going building the site you want for your holiday let.


It's a lot easier than you might think, plus you're completely in control once it's up and running!


Rob shares the vital elements for your Holiday Let Success. Tune in now!

Direct download: ep_025_rob_cubbon.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:42am EDT

Yvonne changed the face of her Bed & Breakfast business, from £10K to £50K profit in 1 year.


How did she do this? 


Join me as Yvonne shares how she used techonology, social media, automation, systemisation and good old fashioned customer care to change the face of her business and her life and how you can apply the same principals in your business.

Direct download: 024_Yvonne_Halling.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:08am EDT

Thibault Masson joins me for a second time to share more of his 17 years in the Holiday Let | vacation Rental Industry:


We specifically cover powerful advice that you can apply in your own Holiday Let or Vacation Rental across areas such as:


*Managing your property from a distance

*Managing your team from a distance

*Collecting and using feedback

*Social Media

*Advantages of having your own website

*Business resources

*Antonio Bortolotti

*List building


Tibo's key advice:


"Your guests don't rent a bedroom, they rent a home"


Don't forget to head over to and click the 'Leave Voicemail' button on the home page. Share with me your comments and experiences and join me on a future podcast!

Direct download: Ep_023_Tibo_part_2.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:15am EDT

Welcoming Mercedes Brennan of One Chic Retreat

I absolutely loved meeting Mercedes and having her share her knowledge around the design of vacation rentals | holiday let homes. In the show, Mercedes shares powerful information on what can make or break a vacation rental and she's broken it down into an absolutely fantastic blog post which you can read below that shares her expertise.

Direct download: One_Chic_Retreat.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:03am EDT

Are you still in 2 minds about whether or not to get a photographer in to show your holiday let | vacation rental off to it's absolute best?

Even though you know it could make a big difference to your business and the bookings you attract? I totally understand, it feels like a big spend, it feels like a lot of work to stage your place, how can you be sure it'll make a difference?

This may well be the solution!

Shootstay - Trade the open dates of your vacation home | holiday home for great professional photos or videos for free.

It's simple, straightforward and free.

Created by John McElligot, a professional photographer and lover of vacation homes, he noticed that not all properties had great photos and started asking what would make photography more accessible for owners and he found the solution in Shootstay!

Direct download: Ep_018_Shootstay.mp3
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Join me as I chat to Tony Raynor. Tony and his wife, Alison, bought and renovated Windermere Cottage in the Lake District here in the UK.


Windermere Cottage opened for bookings in February of 2014 and has been fully booked ever since.


Tony shares:


* Their biggest mistakes

* Their biggest successes

* Their marketing strategy

* Their social media strategy

* How they've used videography

* Research and how important this step has been in their rise to success


Read all about it and get in touch with Tony via


Direct download: HLS2001720Tony20Raynor.mp3
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Gareth K Thomas of Reserve Apartments joins us today to share his knowledge and expertise on the front line, specialising in apartment lettings in the Edinburgh and Glasgow areas of the UK.


He shares:

*5 Key elements of your Holiday Let website

*5 Key elements of your Holiday let  Listing 

*How feedback has helped their business evolve and serve their guests

*Personal contact and it's importance


Learn all this and more is this episode over at


Direct download: HLS_Ep16_Gareth_K_Thomas_Reserve.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:15am EDT

I'm hugely honoured to be joined by Thibault Masson, who is an extremely successful holiday home owner. He has focused solely on his vacation rental business full time since 2013, but he has been in the business for 17 years.

Thibault shares:

  • His biggest failure in the vacation rental business
  • His biggest success vacation rental business 
  • Where he gets the most success in advertising his vacation rental
  • The importance of relationships with other businesses where there may be an opportunity to refer
  • How being honest with your guest on the suitability of your place from the outset could lead to your best reviews ever
  • How he got lots of PR, his villa has been featured extensively in the French media - Interiors magazine ‘Hotel & Lodge, Gay mag ‘Tetu’ and the blog ‘Cote Maison’
Direct download: HLS_ep_015_Tibo_Masson.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:36pm EDT

Today I welcome Ian Woolley from HLS Solutions, he joins us for a second time to introduce more services that benefit Holiday Home Owners | Vacation Rental Owners, their free advertising platform 'Holiday Letting Finder'  and the lettings agreements they have produced.

Listen in and learn how to get involved, access that big marketing budget and protect yourself and your business with the right agreements here:


Direct download: HLS_Ep014_Ian_Woolley_edt.mp3
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I'm a huge fan of systematising the running of your holiday let property, it's the fundamentals of any business and your holiday let property is a business too, and you are a business owner. I want you to enjoy your holiday let business, and implementing systems will help you to get to enjoyment as you'll know what is going on and when as well as who is doing each task at any given moment! Here's the basic list taken from my Maintenance system that I use in my holiday let property, here's to happy winters!

Listen in now at

Direct download: HLS_AB_02_How_to_Winter_Proof_Your_Property.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:23am EDT

Vicky Wilkins joins us from VK Colourworks, an interior design company from Devon over here in the UK.

Vicky shares some of the case studies of the holiday homes that she has worked on, changing the face of the business forever. Some going from failing desperately to thriving!

She shares some of her tips on where to spend your money when making over or doing up your holiday home ready for rentals from scratch. And of course where to save, their focus is on working to a budget so they are super switched on to this.

icky kindly put together a short breakdown of the brilliant formula she uses when decorating a holiday home, either for a complete redesign or when decorating and furnishing a holiday home for the first time you can download  '10 steps to interior bliss for Holiday Home Owners'


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10 different questions you need to ask yourself before you get started in the vacation rental |  holiday let industry because it's such a fast paced, interesting, exciting, brilliant industry to be involved in but at the same time they can be stressful the fact that it is so fast moving can be hard to keep up with, you have to be prepared and you've got to know that you have a huge responsibility by taking on guests!


So lets see what's involved!


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