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Sheli Grumet joins me from Guesty where she is Marketplace Business Development Manager. Guesty’s Marketplace is a collection of providers that offer services that contribute to Guesty's mission - tech that reduces the workloads of short-term property managers and provides the right tools to grow their businesses.

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Karen Mullins joins me from HomeAway, where she is Regional Managing Director for the UK and Ireland. HomeAway is a holiday rental marketplace offering more than 2,000,000 holiday rentals globally and was one of the very first listing sites to the Short Stay Industry

Karen shares how the site is evolving with the Industry and is here to stay and shares her valuable insight in how to get the best out of the platform as Short Stay Providers and Karen also shares her unique insight into where she feels the Industry as a whole is headed for the future.

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Mark Simpson joins me from Boostly, the marketing agency for The Hospitality Industry, where he is founder - with 20 years in the Hospitality Industry and a mind for marketing and online tech, Mark has built up a wealth of knowledge on how to get your Short Stay to stand out from the crowd and take control of your own marketing as an accommodation provider

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Deborah Heather joins me from Quality In Tourism, as part of M-Assessment services, they help Hospitality owners assure guests that their host is dedicated to high standards within their business to ensure a memorable guest experience.

Take a look at the show notes and get in touch with Deborah at

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Simon Smith joins me from Lune Living - the UK Company dedicated to providing fine fabrics that are sourced ethically and are ecologically thoughtful, both in production and in the ongoing care of the fabrics. The Smith family have been producing fabrics since 1884, and have constantly evolved to meet the concerns of both their customers and the planet. For holiday home owners, keeping costs and their carbon footprint low is something that affects not only our bottom line, but how we plan to build a sustainable short stay industry for the future.

Lune have very kindly offered a 15% Discount for Holiday Let Success Listeners - full details on how to claim your 15% Discount in the podcast.

Listen today

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Fred Lerche-Lerchenborg joins me from Lavanda, the award-winning SaaS that is shaping the future of Short Stay Businesses, giving them the foundations on which to grow, scale & distribute

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Top Hog Humphrey Bowles joins me from GuardHog - GuardHog have created a seamless Tech experience for Hosts that ensures you only insure your Short Term Let for the duration of the bookings you have, offering a no nonsense way to cover and save in one dashboard.

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