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This is the last in our three-part podcast series with’s Ale Pacillio. On our last podcast, we talked a good deal about how is addressing some of the toughest challenges vacation rental owners face.

Today, we will be talking about the future of and exciting developments underway at the company that can help your business grow.

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Short Stay Podcast | Alessandro Pacilio | Care. Help. Achieve |


Following on from our 1st Podcast, where we delved into the industry at-large, today Ale Pacillio will be answering some of your questions today on what is doing to help make life easier for you as a VR owner

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In this episode Alessandro Pacilio joins me from, where he leads product marketing for the company’s homes and apartments division focused on professional short-term rental partners. is one of the largest travel platforms on the planet, but lesser known is that it has an entire department of its business dedicated to homes and apartments.

We get to know more about Ale and his role within BDC and he shares some exciting insights into the growth of the short stay side of BDC, where the best place to rent out a short stay property is and the benefits of being on Booking. com as a Short Stay Owner or provider.

They also talk about tips, trends and insight about how property owners, managers and investors can deliver the best experience for guests and travellers.

Listen to the full episode and have a read of the show notes at

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Short Stay Show Podcast - Luggage Storage Network - Catherine & Jack - Stasher

Stasher came about in 2015 as the brain-child of two Oxford Graduates.  Anthony lived near Kings Cross in London and regularly had friends asking if they could leave bags at his place so they could explore the city. They quickly realised hundreds of people must have this problem each day, and with struggling small high street businesses across the city that have extra space, this could be the perfect place to store them. They now have over 1000 storage locations across the world, all over Europe, US, Aus and Asia including hotel brands like Acccor and Premier Inn. 


Join me as Catherine & Jack from Stasher share how this genius luggage storage idea can ease the arrival and departure of guests into your property and give them a better experience, whilst removing an issue for you as Short Stay Providers

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Short Stay Show Podcast - Guest Experience Tablet - Henry Bennett - YourWelcome


Henry joins us from YourWelcome where he is CEO - YourWelcome is a smart tablet for short term rentals that is left out for guests and acts as the informational and transactional portal during their stay. Owners and managers can leave video instructional guides and upsell additional services (eg late check out) through the tablet. YourWelcome is installed in over 15,000 short stay properties globally.

In the second of a series of special podcast episodes with The Short Stay Show we meet Henry Bennett and learn about all things guest experience, automation and making more profits with your #holidaylet

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