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Why build your Direct Bookings? More control over our businesses, freedom from the OTA Trap, No Commissions = More Profits

In this episode I outline 2 competition strategies for two different goals that I've been running and have been effective recently inside my business at boosting Direct Bookings.

I walk you through the steps I've taken for the two different strategies and the outcomes I'm aiming for and have produced so far

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A real powerhouse of an episode - Sonja and I talk all things marketing and break down the marketing terms you'll have heard of and what they mean. Starting from the ground up.

We talk branding and the right message, how to automate some of the repetetive marketing tasks, and share some great tools you can put to work in your business right now!

hear the full episode and get to the shownotes page right here

Canva course -

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Prolong the Life of Your Mattress and improve your guests experience!

Who knew just how much nastiness could be left inside a mattress, even with the protective covers that I know you're all using - well Kate knows exactly what's left behind because she cleans them ! Which not only help give your guests a fabulous nights sleep, but prolongs the life of the mattress. Also known as your investment!

Connect with me and read the show notes at

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We all want more direct bookings right?

More control over our businesses? Our marketing? our rules?

Of course we do. And to do that we need to really share that Booking Direct is even an option for guests, many don't realise and automatically go to the OTA's (Online Travel Agents) or Listing sites.

#BookDirectHour has been created to bring holiday let owners together, to share our best deals for guests to book direct and show the listing sites that there is a community out here who want to work with them, but are fed up of being dealt with like we're the final thought and we no longer want to have rules pushed onto our businesses.

Join this movement, let's work together to really make a difference and get this #tag trending!

See you on twitter #BookDirectHour with @holidayletpod 12pm uk time

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Build Your Network - Get More Direct Bookings

Ever been asked by a potential guest for a property you don't have ? Whether it's the location, the date, the size, the facility that doesn't quite fit?

Yes. Me too.

And so has Deborah Labi - many times over in her 13 years in the Holiday Let Industry. Deborah realised she had turned away thousands of pounds worth of bookings over the years due to not having exactly what the guest wanted in her own portfolio and didn't have the network locally to refer the guest to.

The Have You Got Network was born! Learn how you can join, get more bookings and give your guests great service

Listen to the full episode here

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