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Rental fraud is sadly becoming more and more prevalent in our Industry and it's tainting what we've all worked so hard for - it's time to take a stand, make changes, protect our guests and our industry and stamp out the criminals who regularly elude the authorities.

Chris is the founder of I-Prac, the verification platform that approves property owners and rental agencies around the world, protecting travellers from rental fraud. What that means in real terms though - is protecting families planning exciting holidays and looking forward to creating special memories together from arriving on their long planned and awaited trip only to find their dream villa they paid that huge £5k deposit for….doesn’t actually exist. The knock on effect of protecting travellers, is protecting us and our Industry.

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Soooo much exciting stuff going on in the Holiday Let Industry, many in person and online meetups - so dive in and start hanging out with proactive Holiday Home owners and managers just like you with these top holiday let industry events!

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