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Katrina Jones is an award winning property investor and mentor from London.

I really want Katrina to share her story of how she has changed her life from being shy and unsure to truly finding her passion and not being afraid to be all that she is and most importantly the mindset it takes to do that. In business, whatever industry you’re in, mindset is the foundation of everything. The next layer is the values your business is built upon and when your business values and ethos are excellence, especially in any service industry, you have the grounds for success.

Katrina's thriving business - Kendall-Bailey is built upon mindset and service excellence and Katrina is here to share her story and what those elements really look like inside a service business.

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In today's age of the Smart phone we have everything we could possibly need at our fingertips in the form of apps - there are apps for everything and I have to admit to be entirely addicted to my smart phone and running my entire life from it through a series of exceptionally good apps!

And it's also true that the apps available now can pretty much help you with every area of your life - there are more and more that will help us run different elements of our Holiday Let businesses too. Whether the property is local to you or further afield, help is available and most in the form of a handy and great value, if not free, app!

So it's time to embrace technology and utilise it to make your life easier and reduce the stresses of running your Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Business!

In this episode I walk you through 10 apps that are superb and will help you run your business more smoothly

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We as Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Owners are always looking for ways to Increase Bookings and there's a huge focus on advertising vacation rentals online. As there should be - the internet is huge and the reach is vast and you can pinpoint your audience with the extremely accurate data available at the touch of a button.

I always feel we should be building as many different ways of creating awareness of our Holiday Let | Vacation Rentals as possible and we shouldn't overlook the fact that there are real people close by who would love to connect with you as a small business owner and by building relationships one on one it's possible to build an entirely new way of bringing in visitors to your holiday home. I say 'new' way, but really it's heading back to the old way - and back to how businesses used to be built, by forming strong, mutually beneficial relationships with other like minded people! Or at least that's the basis of it, with a smattering of up to date technology to help things along!!

In today's episode I talk about reaching out to local businesses and creating a network of like minded individuals and some ideas of how to go about it!

Take a look at the post that accompanies the episode right here - leave me a comment and let me know how you build relationships and what has worked for you in your business!

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In this episode shares how his company have risen from humble beginnings back in 2000 in Torquay in Devon, to be a provider of quality Holiday Homes, and great memories, to guests internationally. And a provider of top quality marketing for Holiday Home Owners too, helping them to understand how to provide excellent service to guests and create a solid business that works for them.

With a strong team around him and embracing technology, Richard shares his vast experience of marketing Holiday Homes


We look at the best uses of technology in today's market and highlight the key areas owners must focus on in order to thrive in 2016 as a Holiday Let Owner


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