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Breaking Accessible Travel Barriers

How do we as Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Owners offer accessible accommodation, what are the requirements? How do we ensure we are offering a smooth, straightforward and stress free stay for someone who is travelling with disabilities?

In this episode, Srin Madipalli Co-founder of, joins me on the podcast and we talk all things accessible accommodation and hopefully allay the fears that owners have of providing the right type of equipment to fit the needs of someone travelling with a disability and ensure their stay is stress free.

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5 Steps to Running a Competition in Your Holiday Let Business and Why You Should Do It

In this episode I share the 5 Steps I follow when I'm running a competition in my Holiday Let Business, why I use competitions and the benefits I've seen in building my email list and in pulling in more bookings.

I also run through the way I plan out my email marketing for the year and how to make offers direct to your email subscribers inbox.


Do you want to learn how to use Facebook adverts in your Holiday Let Business? Make sure you let me know - if enough listeners ask for help in this area I will create a short intro course to get you up and running.

Join the HLS Learning Hub here and access one of our existing free courses


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Rod Fitts is the President of AVROA, The Association of Vacation Rental Operators and Affiliates, which exists to form an allegiance within our Industry. Their mission statement says it all: To be the place where owners, managers and companies affiliated with VR industry can connect and take advantage of the benefits that naturally occur when people and organizations work together.

In this episode I talk to Rod Fitts of AVROA and we look at the power of working together as Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Owners, to create a super group of owners who can work together as one and influence the future of our Industry.

Listen to the full episode at

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Protecting you and your Property Investment are essential parts of owning and running your own Holiday Let Business - and it's essential that you have the correct cover. Holiday Let Insurance is specialised insurance - there to ensure a range of scenarios are covered, specific to the needs of a Home that runs as a business.

In today's episode I share 5 Insurers that are well known for what they do, have great feedback and cover homes around the world. Each insurer has their own set of locations, property types, inclusions, exclusions and terms and conditions unique to them. Each should be thoroughly researched for suitability to your particular circumstances.

Hear the full episode, link through to the individual insurers and listen to past episode with Phil Schofield from Schofields Insurance at

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Nick Elston from Signable joins me on the podcast. Signable offer an online document signing portal where you can securely and legally get all your documents signed, regardless of your location.

In this episode we look at lots of time saving benefits of using an online signing portal in our Holiday Let Businesses, as well as addressing some of the concerns around using a service like Signable.

Head to the page at

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How to keep control of your Holiday Home wherever you are, save time and money and increase your bottom line!

Join me on this exciting episode where I share some of the most inredible home automation tools available today that can really shift how you run your holiday home, improve the experience for guests and really get you standing out from the crowd!

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Join me on the podcast as I talk to Rentals United CMO Vanessa De Souza Lage. Rentals United provide an online booking portal, or central calendar, that allows you to advertise on many listing sites or advertising channels without having to log into each site individually.

In this episode Vanessa explains how using a channel manager gives you access to adverting you may not ordinarily be able to reach due to the logistics of managing lots of calendars individually and actually saves you time in running your business on a day to day basis. The online portal provides a central location for your calendar and manages all your advertising channels, saving you hours of work in your Holiday Let | Vacation Rental or Serviced Accommodation Business.

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