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7 Solutions to overcome time sapping activities within your Holiday Let Business


If you're a Holiday Let Owner who wants better results with your Business but you struggle with finding the time to keep everything running you need These 7 Tools to Increase Bookings in your Holiday Let!

Tune into this episode of the Podcast where I cover 7 of the best and most useable, time saving, organisational tools out there! I use all of these tools in my business on a day to day basis and they have truly made my life in running my business much easier. I also use some of these tools in my ordinary life to stay organised too.

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Join me on this episode as I continue my conversation with Andy McNulty.

Andy founded Touchstay and Guest Hook - this episode looks at Guest Hook, a copywriting service for Holiday Home Owners...those days when you're stuck for what to write on your listing, website, newsletter or marketing email could be long gone with Guest Hook!

If you're not at the stage where you want to take on a professional service, Andy offers some insights into what makes Copy great and how you can apply these principles inyour own writing for you Holiday Let Business.

Head to to hear the whole episode and access to the shownotes.

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Ep 058: The 14 Habits of Highly Successful Holiday Home Owners

Retrain Your Mind to Have The Best Version of Your Holiday Let Business You Possibly Can

And yes Stephen R Covey got it down to 7, but I have consistently found 14 ways I’ve learned to retrain my mind inside the Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Industry. I’ve learned a lot from speaking to many, many incredible people in the Industry and these 14 traits, mindsets or principals are what have consistently stood out to me. When the best are the best these traits are there and run through to the core of the owners business.

Loads of awesome automation tools shared in this episode too - check them all out and listen to the podcast at

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Join me on the podcast as I talk to Andy McNulty of Touchstay, Andy is a long term advocate of the Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Industry and has stayed in over 30 Holiday Homes over the years, so he has a real insight into what it's like to be a guest in a Holiday Let and what information Owners really need to be sharing with guests to make a really memorable Holiday!

This beautiful product allows you to share vital information with your guest, giving them a memorable experience and saving you time and energy in keeping a physical welcome book up to date!


Read the full post at where you will also find a video of the Touchstay brochure created for one of my holiday homes so you can see the product in full working order for yourself!

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Join me on the podcast as I talk to Vacation Rental Marketing specialist Antonio Bortolotti, Antonio is the proactive and inspirational owner of Casa Teulada, a rustic villa in Sardinia and the author of Vacation Rental Secrets, and the founder of the Vacation Rental World Summit

Find all the details here

We discuss many things Vacation Rental marketing and the future of the Industry in 2016 and how we as owners can adapt and thrive this year and beyond plus:


  • What we can expect from this years event with the Vacation Rental World Summit
  • What Antonio is dedicated to owners coming away from the event with
  • Antonio's guiding philosophy for holiday home owners in today's market
  • Where he thinks the future of the Holiday let | Vacation Rental industry is headed
  • Antonio's advice to market their property successfully in 2016 and beyond
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