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With guests wants and needs changing with the way they book – In 2016 instant online booking is becoming more and more prevalent.

Should we as Holiday Home owners allow the instant online booking feature on our websites and through the listing sites?

The big argument of should we as Holiday Home owners allow the instant online booking feature rumbles on and on. We’re being pushed by the big listing sites to allow online bookings, it’s something their huge amount of visitors to their sites are starting to expect, if not demand. I’m pretty certain that towards the end of 2016 online booking of Holiday Let | Vacation Rentals is going to be the norm.

Where do you stand this issue?

And what are guests top 4 requirements for booking a Holiday Let or vacation rental in 2016, we'll take a look in this podcast!

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Join me on the podcast as I walk you through 5 Powerful Tools you can start using inside your Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Business to automate some of the repetitive but essential tasks and save time in the day to day running of your Holiday Let Business.

We cover time saving across Marketing, Guest Care and Home Automation


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Social Media 101: Introduction to Social Media for Holiday Home Owners

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