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In today's super fast, instant information society Guests are used to getting everything they need, immediately. From a response to an enquiry, right through to arriving at your Holiday Home and the information they need locally. A subject I touched on in a recent episode Ep 070: 10 Apps to Run Your Holiday Let Business By - where I talk about my own absolute addiction to my smart phone and admit to running my entire life from it through a series of exceptionally good apps! I also share 10 apps I use in my own business which save me time, help me increase bookings and reduce the time I spend doing it, so take a listen!

One of those innovations I mention is more than an app - it's a complete device for guests to use during their stay at your Holiday Home | Vacation Rental. A company I came across very recently and realised the potential for both owners and guests as soon as I found them.

In this episode we delve into YourWelcome and talk about the importance of standing out from the crowd and embracing technology

Take one of our online courses for Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Owners at

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With Floorplans being one of the most requested features by guests during the bookings process in 2016 - Listen to Episode 049: 4 Must Have Elements of Your Holiday Let Website for 2016 - I wanted to share 5 providers so you can get that flooplan organised and shared with potential guests.

You can share the Floorplan on your website, across social media and on the listing sites to make picturing exactly what it's going to be like to stay at your Holiday Home easy to imagine by your guests, and therefore your place easier to book.

If a guest still has unanswered questions when they are on your site, they won't book. You want to answer as many questions as you can with the information your provide, photos, videos and Floorplans are 3 of the most powerful ways to do that, backed up with top notch copy. In Episode 059 I talk to Andy McNulty from GuestHook about the power of copywriting for Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Owners - listen right here.

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Katrina Jones is an award winning property investor and mentor from London.

I really want Katrina to share her story of how she has changed her life from being shy and unsure to truly finding her passion and not being afraid to be all that she is and most importantly the mindset it takes to do that. In business, whatever industry you’re in, mindset is the foundation of everything. The next layer is the values your business is built upon and when your business values and ethos are excellence, especially in any service industry, you have the grounds for success.

Katrina's thriving business - Kendall-Bailey is built upon mindset and service excellence and Katrina is here to share her story and what those elements really look like inside a service business.

Head to the full post right here

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In today's age of the Smart phone we have everything we could possibly need at our fingertips in the form of apps - there are apps for everything and I have to admit to be entirely addicted to my smart phone and running my entire life from it through a series of exceptionally good apps!

And it's also true that the apps available now can pretty much help you with every area of your life - there are more and more that will help us run different elements of our Holiday Let businesses too. Whether the property is local to you or further afield, help is available and most in the form of a handy and great value, if not free, app!

So it's time to embrace technology and utilise it to make your life easier and reduce the stresses of running your Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Business!

In this episode I walk you through 10 apps that are superb and will help you run your business more smoothly

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We as Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Owners are always looking for ways to Increase Bookings and there's a huge focus on advertising vacation rentals online. As there should be - the internet is huge and the reach is vast and you can pinpoint your audience with the extremely accurate data available at the touch of a button.

I always feel we should be building as many different ways of creating awareness of our Holiday Let | Vacation Rentals as possible and we shouldn't overlook the fact that there are real people close by who would love to connect with you as a small business owner and by building relationships one on one it's possible to build an entirely new way of bringing in visitors to your holiday home. I say 'new' way, but really it's heading back to the old way - and back to how businesses used to be built, by forming strong, mutually beneficial relationships with other like minded people! Or at least that's the basis of it, with a smattering of up to date technology to help things along!!

In today's episode I talk about reaching out to local businesses and creating a network of like minded individuals and some ideas of how to go about it!

Take a look at the post that accompanies the episode right here - leave me a comment and let me know how you build relationships and what has worked for you in your business!

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In this episode shares how his company have risen from humble beginnings back in 2000 in Torquay in Devon, to be a provider of quality Holiday Homes, and great memories, to guests internationally. And a provider of top quality marketing for Holiday Home Owners too, helping them to understand how to provide excellent service to guests and create a solid business that works for them.

With a strong team around him and embracing technology, Richard shares his vast experience of marketing Holiday Homes


We look at the best uses of technology in today's market and highlight the key areas owners must focus on in order to thrive in 2016 as a Holiday Let Owner


Take a look at the full post right here

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Breaking Accessible Travel Barriers

How do we as Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Owners offer accessible accommodation, what are the requirements? How do we ensure we are offering a smooth, straightforward and stress free stay for someone who is travelling with disabilities?

In this episode, Srin Madipalli Co-founder of, joins me on the podcast and we talk all things accessible accommodation and hopefully allay the fears that owners have of providing the right type of equipment to fit the needs of someone travelling with a disability and ensure their stay is stress free.

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5 Steps to Running a Competition in Your Holiday Let Business and Why You Should Do It

In this episode I share the 5 Steps I follow when I'm running a competition in my Holiday Let Business, why I use competitions and the benefits I've seen in building my email list and in pulling in more bookings.

I also run through the way I plan out my email marketing for the year and how to make offers direct to your email subscribers inbox.


Do you want to learn how to use Facebook adverts in your Holiday Let Business? Make sure you let me know - if enough listeners ask for help in this area I will create a short intro course to get you up and running.

Join the HLS Learning Hub here and access one of our existing free courses


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Rod Fitts is the President of AVROA, The Association of Vacation Rental Operators and Affiliates, which exists to form an allegiance within our Industry. Their mission statement says it all: To be the place where owners, managers and companies affiliated with VR industry can connect and take advantage of the benefits that naturally occur when people and organizations work together.

In this episode I talk to Rod Fitts of AVROA and we look at the power of working together as Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Owners, to create a super group of owners who can work together as one and influence the future of our Industry.

Listen to the full episode at

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Protecting you and your Property Investment are essential parts of owning and running your own Holiday Let Business - and it's essential that you have the correct cover. Holiday Let Insurance is specialised insurance - there to ensure a range of scenarios are covered, specific to the needs of a Home that runs as a business.

In today's episode I share 5 Insurers that are well known for what they do, have great feedback and cover homes around the world. Each insurer has their own set of locations, property types, inclusions, exclusions and terms and conditions unique to them. Each should be thoroughly researched for suitability to your particular circumstances.

Hear the full episode, link through to the individual insurers and listen to past episode with Phil Schofield from Schofields Insurance at

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Nick Elston from Signable joins me on the podcast. Signable offer an online document signing portal where you can securely and legally get all your documents signed, regardless of your location.

In this episode we look at lots of time saving benefits of using an online signing portal in our Holiday Let Businesses, as well as addressing some of the concerns around using a service like Signable.

Head to the page at

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How to keep control of your Holiday Home wherever you are, save time and money and increase your bottom line!

Join me on this exciting episode where I share some of the most inredible home automation tools available today that can really shift how you run your holiday home, improve the experience for guests and really get you standing out from the crowd!

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Join me on the podcast as I talk to Rentals United CMO Vanessa De Souza Lage. Rentals United provide an online booking portal, or central calendar, that allows you to advertise on many listing sites or advertising channels without having to log into each site individually.

In this episode Vanessa explains how using a channel manager gives you access to adverting you may not ordinarily be able to reach due to the logistics of managing lots of calendars individually and actually saves you time in running your business on a day to day basis. The online portal provides a central location for your calendar and manages all your advertising channels, saving you hours of work in your Holiday Let | Vacation Rental or Serviced Accommodation Business.

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7 Solutions to overcome time sapping activities within your Holiday Let Business


If you're a Holiday Let Owner who wants better results with your Business but you struggle with finding the time to keep everything running you need These 7 Tools to Increase Bookings in your Holiday Let!

Tune into this episode of the Podcast where I cover 7 of the best and most useable, time saving, organisational tools out there! I use all of these tools in my business on a day to day basis and they have truly made my life in running my business much easier. I also use some of these tools in my ordinary life to stay organised too.

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Join me on this episode as I continue my conversation with Andy McNulty.

Andy founded Touchstay and Guest Hook - this episode looks at Guest Hook, a copywriting service for Holiday Home Owners...those days when you're stuck for what to write on your listing, website, newsletter or marketing email could be long gone with Guest Hook!

If you're not at the stage where you want to take on a professional service, Andy offers some insights into what makes Copy great and how you can apply these principles inyour own writing for you Holiday Let Business.

Head to to hear the whole episode and access to the shownotes.

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Ep 058: The 14 Habits of Highly Successful Holiday Home Owners

Retrain Your Mind to Have The Best Version of Your Holiday Let Business You Possibly Can

And yes Stephen R Covey got it down to 7, but I have consistently found 14 ways I’ve learned to retrain my mind inside the Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Industry. I’ve learned a lot from speaking to many, many incredible people in the Industry and these 14 traits, mindsets or principals are what have consistently stood out to me. When the best are the best these traits are there and run through to the core of the owners business.

Loads of awesome automation tools shared in this episode too - check them all out and listen to the podcast at

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Join me on the podcast as I talk to Andy McNulty of Touchstay, Andy is a long term advocate of the Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Industry and has stayed in over 30 Holiday Homes over the years, so he has a real insight into what it's like to be a guest in a Holiday Let and what information Owners really need to be sharing with guests to make a really memorable Holiday!

This beautiful product allows you to share vital information with your guest, giving them a memorable experience and saving you time and energy in keeping a physical welcome book up to date!


Read the full post at where you will also find a video of the Touchstay brochure created for one of my holiday homes so you can see the product in full working order for yourself!

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Join me on the podcast as I talk to Vacation Rental Marketing specialist Antonio Bortolotti, Antonio is the proactive and inspirational owner of Casa Teulada, a rustic villa in Sardinia and the author of Vacation Rental Secrets, and the founder of the Vacation Rental World Summit

Find all the details here

We discuss many things Vacation Rental marketing and the future of the Industry in 2016 and how we as owners can adapt and thrive this year and beyond plus:


  • What we can expect from this years event with the Vacation Rental World Summit
  • What Antonio is dedicated to owners coming away from the event with
  • Antonio's guiding philosophy for holiday home owners in today's market
  • Where he thinks the future of the Holiday let | Vacation Rental industry is headed
  • Antonio's advice to market their property successfully in 2016 and beyond
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This episode of the podcast is an interesting one as I talk to Learn Airbnb, an online resource that shares the possibilities and realities of Airbnb and how to negotiate them and use them to your advantage and ultimately Increase Bookings In Your Holiday Let Business

Join us over at

Remember to head to the Facebook Page to keep up with our LIVE Video series 151 Power Tips for Holiday Let Success at ! We'll see you there!

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Introducing the Facebook Live Video Series - 151 Power Tips for Holiday Let Success!

Join me daily for 151 days of Power Tips to help you Increase Bookings | Reduce Costs | Save Time in your Holiday Let Business.

Each tip is carefully designed to be reletively simple to implement and includes an HLS Challenge and Quote of the Day!

The book of the same title will be releasing in the next few weeks as well - so make sure you're subscribed to get the first notifications so you can get your hands on a copy straight away!

head over to to watch daily and catch up on what's already there.

Catch 151 Power Tips on Youtube too at

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This episode shares a great service for holiday home owners who have a UK based Holiday Let Property.

Sorry to miss out the overseas owners, this exciting initiative may however give you a new look at how to manage your utilities and there may be a service provider local to you doing something similar or if you're considering a UK based Holiday Let, this is another great reason for the UK!

Ashley Tate from Split the Bills joins me to share the time saving, admin saving idea that is Split The Bills.

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How to begin property investing for financial freedom using Holiday Let Properties

Join me on the podcast as I talk to experienced UK based property Investor John Kerr and he shares the strategies he's used to grow his income from his property portfolio using many of the principals we as Holiday Let Owners have in place - he shares real tip on how to begin property investing for financial freedom using Holiday Let Properties.

Listen to the full episode and read the show notes and see all of John's recommendations at


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Join me on the podcast as I talk you through and help you to answer the question - Do I Need a Website for My Holiday Let Vacation Rental Business? - here's 12 Top Reasons you should get your own Holiday Let Website Right Away! It's the first step in taking control of the future of your Holiday Let Business!

How much better would it be to look forward knowing you can take control of the future of your Holiday Let Business and accept direct bookings, on your terms?

I absolutely believe that having your own Wordpress Website is the best way of creating your own online presence and starting to take control of the future of your Holiday Let Business, here's 12 great reasons to get started today!

Listen today

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With guests wants and needs changing with the way they book – In 2016 instant online booking is becoming more and more prevalent.

Should we as Holiday Home owners allow the instant online booking feature on our websites and through the listing sites?

The big argument of should we as Holiday Home owners allow the instant online booking feature rumbles on and on. We’re being pushed by the big listing sites to allow online bookings, it’s something their huge amount of visitors to their sites are starting to expect, if not demand. I’m pretty certain that towards the end of 2016 online booking of Holiday Let | Vacation Rentals is going to be the norm.

Where do you stand this issue?

And what are guests top 4 requirements for booking a Holiday Let or vacation rental in 2016, we'll take a look in this podcast!

Ready to start taking bookings directly from your own website? Enroll in our Premium online course and build your own website for your Holiday Let - step by step with support along the way at Holiday Let Success Online Courses

Choose from one of our Free Online Courses for Holiday Home Owners there too!

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Join me on the podcast as I walk you through 5 Powerful Tools you can start using inside your Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Business to automate some of the repetitive but essential tasks and save time in the day to day running of your Holiday Let Business.

We cover time saving across Marketing, Guest Care and Home Automation


Take our completely Free Online Course:


Social Media 101: Introduction to Social Media for Holiday Home Owners

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