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The Definitive guide to Holiday Let Success | Vacation Rental | Short Stay | Increase Bookings | Reduce Costs | Save Time | From interviews with industry experts and successful holiday home owners to useful and useable ideas, resources and discussion. If you love your Vacation Rental | Holiday Let | Serviced Accommodation and want to get the best out of it, then tune in! Every holiday home owner has the same battles, learning curves and worries whilst striving to build their holiday let business to be the best that it can be-from weeks rented and increasing income to the all important guest experience. So we're here to talk. About any and every aspect of the holiday let | serviced accommodation| holiday rental | bookings world. If it affects you. If it affects your property. If it affects your bottom line. If it affects your guests. We'll talk about it! Come and connect with us at for show notes, free resources, tutorials, videos and downloads. Your Holiday Let Success awaits!

Creating your website for your Holiday Let is a hugely important step - let's look at some of the simplest ways to get up and running and some of the things you should be looking out for!

A look at some of the best resources to get you up and running quickly with your own Holiday Let | Vacation Rental website and start building your online presence outside of the listing sites and start building your business independence and a 'base' for sharing your updates and local information that will be useful to visitors to your area.


Includes resources and videos at

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Andrew Carlone from Coral.Life joins me on the Podcast


Andrew Carlone is the Co-founder and CEO of Coral.Life, an interactive home guide and guest management tool that shares valuable information about your property and the local area to truly maximise the guests experience. And make life easier for you as hosts.


Andrew shares:


*His background and how he started out in the vacation rental | Holiday Let industry | Airbnb world.

*How the creation of the Coral.Life tool come as a solution for a need you saw within the industry and his experience as a user of the sharing economy

*Who Coral is for

*What Coral.Life is and how it works and helps owners maximise the guest experience

*How Coral.Life improves the experience of the guest

*When Coral.Life created and  how it was created for the Airbnb platform but even during beta is already being developed for many, many more places!

*Andrew describes the Host experience and the guests experience and talks  about how easy it is to get set up?

*The costs involved in using Coral. Life

*His guiding philosophy in the Industry

Hear the podcast now at

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How to create an opt in for your holiday let website


As we talked about why you need to be bringing visitors from your website onto you email list on the last episode.


This episode takes you to the next step - how to create it and how to deliver it, plus how to collect the email address!


Listen to the podcast now and look out for the accompanying video series that walks you through step by step.

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In this episode we're looking at the list!


*What is your list?

*Why do you need a list?

*How do you get someone on your list?

*What do you do with them now they're on your list?

*A few opt in ideas

*Running an online competition and the regulations surrouding that


I have created a list of 48 opt in ideas for Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Owners that will get your ideas flowing and hopefully give you something you can use as your own opt in so you can start building your list and marketing your holiday let to your list of already interested  people, nurturing them and helping them decide on booking with you.


You can get your hands on this super useful list at 


Then you can also see what it's like to opt in and see how my opt ins are delivered to those who subscribe


The next episode we will move onto the next step and talk about how to create an opt in, how to deliver it and the different email delivery tools available.


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