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047: Understanding What's At Stake


Join me on this episode where we look at the huge responsibility we have has Holiday Let and Vacation Rental Owners to ourselves, our holiday let guests and to our Industry!

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Build Your Holiday Let Portfolio | Mark Walker | The Business Builder


Amazing Offer for HLS Listeners worth £250 in this episode!!


Mark Walker is a long time entrepreneur and one of his ongoing loves is property, he has built himself an extensive and varied portfolio and some of that portfolio includes Holiday Let Homes. I know Mark has learned a lot along the way and continues to learn and share his experiences and passion for the property across industries. Mark also has experience in business building, speaking, investing and he is a renowned coach and mentor.

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We are all really clear that photography is absolutely imperative in our Holiday Let or Vacation Rental Businesses - It's the window into our Holiday Let, it help the guest to understand what they can expect, if it's what they're looking for and what the Holiday Let is close to.

But video helps you take things a step further and can help you to connect with your guest before they've even arrived, put them at ease and truly ensure they have everything they need in real time.

This episode looks at when and how to get started using video before you're even ready!

I talk about how to get going quickly, simply and cost effectively. Download the cheatsheet I talk about that details all of the resources I use to create lovely looking, personally created video for my potential guests.

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Larry Klimczyk joins me from where he’s part of the team offering a superb way to get  a second huge benefit from your Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Investment in the form of a brilliantly crafted Holiday Home Exchange.


We talk about what we can do as holiday let | Vacation Rental Owners to stand ut from the crowd and be exceptional.


PLUS!! A whopping great deal for Holiday Let Success Listeners!!


Listen for the code and head to the website at to find full details of the OFFER!!


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Blogging Brainstorm - What to Blog About on Your Holiday Let Website


So you've got your shiny new website and started to set tine aside to write a blog and then.......blank!!


What to write about??


This episode looks at the different ways to get you thinking on what is the best thing to talk about to attract your target audience. Today we look at brainstorming:


1. Your target audience - who is your ideal guest?


2. The local area - what attractions are there?


3. The local businesses you regularly use when you're staying in your holiday home, or what attracted you to the area in the first place


4. Putting yourself back in the shoes of your guest, what did you ask when you first started looking into the area?


5. Types of blog post - how to get you at least writing something, and then expanding on it !


Listen to the full episode to hear all the different ways to use area, your contacts, your existing knowledge to get you blogging to attract the right people and to position yourself as an expert in your area and as a caring, knowledgeable Holiday Let | Vacation Rental owner.


Hear the full episode at

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Annette Morganroth joins me from where she is head of Marketing and Customer Relations. is a booking system for holiday home | vacation rental owners and agencies, it's a comprehensive booking system with availability calendars for your website that is there to make the management of your holiday home simpler and take some of the repetitive jobs out of your hands.


As you'll hear in the episode, it's a hugely powerful tool that goes beyond the standard bookings and availability calendar.




Go to to find out how!

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The short Answer is YES!!


In this episode we look at Why you should have a blog on your Holiday Let Website.....


How it can help you make great connections, get found more easily in search results and give your credibility


Listen to the full episode

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Hot Topic right now - Dynamic Pricing for Short Term Rental!


Doug Ross from Everbooked joined me on the podcast to talk about the hot topic of Dynamic Pricing for Short Term Rental


Doug Ross is the Co-founder and Business Developer at Everbooked, a dynamic pricing tool that works with your airbnb listing and gives you additional insights into your local market so you can stand out


Listenb to the full episode and start applying these principles in your business:

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Creating your website for your Holiday Let is a hugely important step - let's look at some of the simplest ways to get up and running and some of the things you should be looking out for!

A look at some of the best resources to get you up and running quickly with your own Holiday Let | Vacation Rental website and start building your online presence outside of the listing sites and start building your business independence and a 'base' for sharing your updates and local information that will be useful to visitors to your area.


Includes resources and videos at

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Andrew Carlone from Coral.Life joins me on the Podcast


Andrew Carlone is the Co-founder and CEO of Coral.Life, an interactive home guide and guest management tool that shares valuable information about your property and the local area to truly maximise the guests experience. And make life easier for you as hosts.


Andrew shares:


*His background and how he started out in the vacation rental | Holiday Let industry | Airbnb world.

*How the creation of the Coral.Life tool come as a solution for a need you saw within the industry and his experience as a user of the sharing economy

*Who Coral is for

*What Coral.Life is and how it works and helps owners maximise the guest experience

*How Coral.Life improves the experience of the guest

*When Coral.Life created and  how it was created for the Airbnb platform but even during beta is already being developed for many, many more places!

*Andrew describes the Host experience and the guests experience and talks  about how easy it is to get set up?

*The costs involved in using Coral. Life

*His guiding philosophy in the Industry

Hear the podcast now at

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How to create an opt in for your holiday let website


As we talked about why you need to be bringing visitors from your website onto you email list on the last episode.


This episode takes you to the next step - how to create it and how to deliver it, plus how to collect the email address!


Listen to the podcast now and look out for the accompanying video series that walks you through step by step.

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In this episode we're looking at the list!


*What is your list?

*Why do you need a list?

*How do you get someone on your list?

*What do you do with them now they're on your list?

*A few opt in ideas

*Running an online competition and the regulations surrouding that


I have created a list of 48 opt in ideas for Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Owners that will get your ideas flowing and hopefully give you something you can use as your own opt in so you can start building your list and marketing your holiday let to your list of already interested  people, nurturing them and helping them decide on booking with you.


You can get your hands on this super useful list at 


Then you can also see what it's like to opt in and see how my opt ins are delivered to those who subscribe


The next episode we will move onto the next step and talk about how to create an opt in, how to deliver it and the different email delivery tools available.


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Cleanliness is Next to Godliness | Systemising your Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Business


Join me as I talk about the impact exceptional cleanliness has on your reviews and guest experience.


Plus how to reclaim hours of time and mental energy by systemising the processes within your holiday let | vacation rental business.


Head over to for free downloads that will help you run your business more efficiently and with more fun!

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Karen is the Founder of The Business of Holiday Rental & is a successful holiday home owner, running her luxury holiday home, Spring Cottage, based in Yorkshire. 


Karen shares her guiding principles of running the best version of your holiday let | vacation rental business possible.


She shares what holiday home | vacation rental owners struggle with the most and how to overcome it, along with:


*Her biggest failure

*Her biggest successes

*Where she sees her best marketing returns

*The importance of photography

*How to ask for and use feedback

*How to stage your holiday home for a photographer


Plus some great free downloads that you can start using in your business right now!


Go to


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Are you struggling to keep on top of all your calenders, across all the different channels available, such as airbnb, Flipkey and Homeaway?


Are you struggling to find a perfect calender and booking tool for your own vacation rental | holiday let website?


Do you want to take online bookings but aren't sure how to do it?


Then this is the episode, and the software, for you.


The extremely knowledgeable Sebastien Grosjean, joined me from a brilliantly created piece of software that will, cost effectively and efficiently, address all the questions I laid out about - and more!


Join me as BookingSync CEO and Founder Sebastien talks about what the software can do for you and shares his valuable knowledge after 25 years experience in the Vacation Rental | Holiday Let Industry.

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People love to travel with their pets.


In the UK alone a third travel with their pets each year, at a cost of £460 million.


A market not to be ignored.


But how can you do it without losing your marbles, whilst offering a great service to owners travelling with pets?


Here's my take, complete with pet friendly checklist! Enjoy the episode, then let me know what works for you - have you had any pet disasters and how did you handle it??


Listen in at

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In the second part, Jasper shares:

  • How we as holiday home owners can use airbnb
  • The components of a good listing
  • How to get results on airbnb
  • How to get great reviews
  • Pricing strategies
  • Huge discounts on some of the best Data Driven pricing companies
  • Huge discounts on his own course that walks you step by step through getting up and running on airbnb - a must listen!


In the second half, Jasper offers listeners of the Holiday Let Success Podcast some amazing discounts on his Udemy course and on Everbooked, an awesome analytics tool that helps you to adjust to pricing changes and maximise bookings for your airbnb listing. Thanks Jasper!!

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Really happy to have been joined by Jasper Ribbers of Get Paid for Your Pad Podcast.


Jasper is a true Airbnb genius and he shares the background of Airbnb, how it started, how the sharing economy is changing the world  and the good and the bad of the sharing economy.


He shares airbnb's security and reviews system and we chat about the type of people that use airbnb.


Jasper also talks about the financial freedom airbnb has allowed him and how his life has changed as a direct result of the airbnb platform.



In the second part, which will be out tomorrow, Jasper shares:


* How we as holiday home owners can use airbnb

*The components of a good listing

*How to get results on airbnb

*How to get great reviews

*Pricing strategies

*Huge discounts on some of the best Data Driven pricing companies

*Huge discounts on his own course that walks you step by step through getting up and running on airbnb - a must listen!


Looking forward to sharing this with you!


Head on over to


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Just how important is it that we respond immediately to enquiries from potential guests?


How long does it take you to respond to an enquiry from a guest, wherever that query came from?


Let me know at

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Ep 028: To Clean or Not to Clean?


That is the question.


What do you do in your holiday home ?


Do you expect guests to don their rubber gloves and start scrubbing before they leave? Battling bed covers and removing rubbish?


Or do you ask for nothing but a level of respect and the following of a few 'house rules'?


I have very clear views on how I think things should be done and how I treat my guests on checkout.


What do you expect from your guests?


Let me know at

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Ep 027: Cynthia Sanchez | Social Media Expert | Pinterest for Holiday Lettings

How and why should I use Pinterest for my holiday let | vacation rental business?

Will I have time to add this social media platform to my marketing?

How easy is it to use?

Is there really that much traffic from Pinterest?

The answers to these questions and more are all addressed in this episode where social media marketing expert Cynthia Sanchez shares the strategies, know how, facts and figures on the huge potential that is Pinterest

(Did I mention it's free and simple to use? And lots of fun!)

Listen in now at

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Your answer to the ever present question of how to impress your guests starts with knowing where to invest in high quality, and how to make them feel at home, or even better then home, a luxurious version of home.


Getting a full night’s sleep is definitely high on the list of essentials to a superb stay in your holiday home-it consistently comes up in feedback as important to guests when away from their own bed.


Get the Ultimate Holiday Let Success Checklist so you can create the bedroom of your guests dreams, download the free checklist now.

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Wordpress genius and all round great guy Rob Cubbon joined me on the show to talk all things Wordpress Website related and really shared valuable knowledge on getting going building the site you want for your holiday let.


It's a lot easier than you might think, plus you're completely in control once it's up and running!


Rob shares the vital elements for your Holiday Let Success. Tune in now!

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Yvonne changed the face of her Bed & Breakfast business, from £10K to £50K profit in 1 year.


How did she do this? 


Join me as Yvonne shares how she used techonology, social media, automation, systemisation and good old fashioned customer care to change the face of her business and her life and how you can apply the same principals in your business.

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Thibault Masson joins me for a second time to share more of his 17 years in the Holiday Let | vacation Rental Industry:


We specifically cover powerful advice that you can apply in your own Holiday Let or Vacation Rental across areas such as:


*Managing your property from a distance

*Managing your team from a distance

*Collecting and using feedback

*Social Media

*Advantages of having your own website

*Business resources

*Antonio Bortolotti

*List building


Tibo's key advice:


"Your guests don't rent a bedroom, they rent a home"


Don't forget to head over to and click the 'Leave Voicemail' button on the home page. Share with me your comments and experiences and join me on a future podcast!

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Welcoming Mercedes Brennan of One Chic Retreat

I absolutely loved meeting Mercedes and having her share her knowledge around the design of vacation rentals | holiday let homes. In the show, Mercedes shares powerful information on what can make or break a vacation rental and she's broken it down into an absolutely fantastic blog post which you can read below that shares her expertise.

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