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Vicky Wilkins joins us from VK Colourworks, an interior design company from Devon over here in the UK.

Vicky shares some of the case studies of the holiday homes that she has worked on, changing the face of the business forever. Some going from failing desperately to thriving!

She shares some of her tips on where to spend your money when making over or doing up your holiday home ready for rentals from scratch. And of course where to save, their focus is on working to a budget so they are super switched on to this.

icky kindly put together a short breakdown of the brilliant formula she uses when decorating a holiday home, either for a complete redesign or when decorating and furnishing a holiday home for the first time you can download  '10 steps to interior bliss for Holiday Home Owners'


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10 different questions you need to ask yourself before you get started in the vacation rental |  holiday let industry because it's such a fast paced, interesting, exciting, brilliant industry to be involved in but at the same time they can be stressful the fact that it is so fast moving can be hard to keep up with, you have to be prepared and you've got to know that you have a huge responsibility by taking on guests!


So lets see what's involved!


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Coponis is just the best thing you can put in the hands of the guests who visit your holiday home-via an app on their mobile phone, it’s a complete management and information tool for the safe and smooth running of each guests stay.

You add all the information about your holiday home from keys to how the washer works, safety info, location info, weather, security, things to do, cash points, local parking, local shops, everything you could possibly want your guest to know in the palm of you hand.

Freeing up time for you, increasing their enjoyment of their stay with you and even following up with texts and asking for feedback after the holiday! It’s cheap and easy to implement, yes there’s some typing to do but no more than creating the essential welcome pack for your guests that you would do anyway plus Coponis connects with google and draws in local info and weather details, saving you even more time-Amazing!! I use it in my holiday home and I love it and so do my guests.


 You can hear my interview with Dan Whiting of Coponis at


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This is the first episode of the Industry News Blog which is just going to be short little dittos of pieces of information that I have found which are going to be really really relevant to our world as holiday home owners | vacation rental owners. I'll be bringing news updates, trends from the worldwide travel industry.  I'm doing this because I am slightly obsessed with the travel world and particularly in the holiday lets | vacation rental industry but a lot of things that go on in the entire travel industry as a whole around the world, whether it's directly within the holiday let | vacation rental industry will affect our particular area so I have started to collect and notice some trends and I think it be useful for them to it to come across you and I hope they are useful and it may well affect the way that you continue to build your business as a holiday home owner for the future and hopefully this will show you little piece of information you can just tweak the way you run your business or you market your business or systemise your business how you interact with guests and how you attract people to your business and that ongoing contact with them, So this first short ditto we are talking about mobile and how things are changing rapidly.

Get the free ebook '25 Top Resources for Holiday Let Success' at


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Systemizing is one of the most important things you can do for your business and one way of doing this is through a management system that tracks the entire process.


Websites and the importance of your own when dealing with your holiday let business is something else we chat about, the templates available from HLS Solutions and their useability plus the Free management system they come with.


We also chat about keeping in touch with your guests and postential guests and how to keep in touch once you've extablished a connection with them along with some of the providers out there that can help you do this

Head on over to to read the show notes and check out some of the providers we discuss.

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Has Facebook become a slightly worrying, unknown area for you as a Holiday Home | Vacation Rental Owner?


The answers to all your Facebook worries and concerns such as

How to get more likes?

How to get more engagement?

How to use groups?

Paid or unpaid adverts?

What do I do with my likes after I get them?


All these and more questions are answered in this episode with the undisputed Queen of Facebook Valerie Shoopman. Valerie is a regular guest in a Vacation Rental herslef on a yearly basis so we truly see how Facebook can work for you from a guests point of view, so you can add value to them and their stay with you!

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