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The Definitive guide to Holiday Let Success | Vacation Rental | Short Stay | Increase Bookings | Reduce Costs | Save Time | From interviews with industry experts and successful holiday home owners to useful and useable ideas, resources and discussion. If you love your Vacation Rental | Holiday Let | Serviced Accommodation and want to get the best out of it, then tune in! Every holiday home owner has the same battles, learning curves and worries whilst striving to build their holiday let business to be the best that it can be-from weeks rented and increasing income to the all important guest experience. So we're here to talk. About any and every aspect of the holiday let | serviced accommodation| holiday rental | bookings world. If it affects you. If it affects your property. If it affects your bottom line. If it affects your guests. We'll talk about it! Come and connect with us at for show notes, free resources, tutorials, videos and downloads. Your Holiday Let Success awaits!

Are you still in 2 minds about whether or not to get a photographer in to show your holiday let | vacation rental off to it's absolute best?

Even though you know it could make a big difference to your business and the bookings you attract? I totally understand, it feels like a big spend, it feels like a lot of work to stage your place, how can you be sure it'll make a difference?

This may well be the solution!

Shootstay - Trade the open dates of your vacation home | holiday home for great professional photos or videos for free.

It's simple, straightforward and free.

Created by John McElligot, a professional photographer and lover of vacation homes, he noticed that not all properties had great photos and started asking what would make photography more accessible for owners and he found the solution in Shootstay!

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Join me as I chat to Tony Raynor. Tony and his wife, Alison, bought and renovated Windermere Cottage in the Lake District here in the UK.


Windermere Cottage opened for bookings in February of 2014 and has been fully booked ever since.


Tony shares:


* Their biggest mistakes

* Their biggest successes

* Their marketing strategy

* Their social media strategy

* How they've used videography

* Research and how important this step has been in their rise to success


Read all about it and get in touch with Tony via


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Gareth K Thomas of Reserve Apartments joins us today to share his knowledge and expertise on the front line, specialising in apartment lettings in the Edinburgh and Glasgow areas of the UK.


He shares:

*5 Key elements of your Holiday Let website

*5 Key elements of your Holiday let  Listing 

*How feedback has helped their business evolve and serve their guests

*Personal contact and it's importance


Learn all this and more is this episode over at


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I'm hugely honoured to be joined by Thibault Masson, who is an extremely successful holiday home owner. He has focused solely on his vacation rental business full time since 2013, but he has been in the business for 17 years.

Thibault shares:

  • His biggest failure in the vacation rental business
  • His biggest success vacation rental business 
  • Where he gets the most success in advertising his vacation rental
  • The importance of relationships with other businesses where there may be an opportunity to refer
  • How being honest with your guest on the suitability of your place from the outset could lead to your best reviews ever
  • How he got lots of PR, his villa has been featured extensively in the French media - Interiors magazine ‘Hotel & Lodge, Gay mag ‘Tetu’ and the blog ‘Cote Maison’
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Today I welcome Ian Woolley from HLS Solutions, he joins us for a second time to introduce more services that benefit Holiday Home Owners | Vacation Rental Owners, their free advertising platform 'Holiday Letting Finder'  and the lettings agreements they have produced.

Listen in and learn how to get involved, access that big marketing budget and protect yourself and your business with the right agreements here:


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I'm a huge fan of systematising the running of your holiday let property, it's the fundamentals of any business and your holiday let property is a business too, and you are a business owner. I want you to enjoy your holiday let business, and implementing systems will help you to get to enjoyment as you'll know what is going on and when as well as who is doing each task at any given moment! Here's the basic list taken from my Maintenance system that I use in my holiday let property, here's to happy winters!

Listen in now at

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Vicky Wilkins joins us from VK Colourworks, an interior design company from Devon over here in the UK.

Vicky shares some of the case studies of the holiday homes that she has worked on, changing the face of the business forever. Some going from failing desperately to thriving!

She shares some of her tips on where to spend your money when making over or doing up your holiday home ready for rentals from scratch. And of course where to save, their focus is on working to a budget so they are super switched on to this.

icky kindly put together a short breakdown of the brilliant formula she uses when decorating a holiday home, either for a complete redesign or when decorating and furnishing a holiday home for the first time you can download  '10 steps to interior bliss for Holiday Home Owners'


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10 different questions you need to ask yourself before you get started in the vacation rental |  holiday let industry because it's such a fast paced, interesting, exciting, brilliant industry to be involved in but at the same time they can be stressful the fact that it is so fast moving can be hard to keep up with, you have to be prepared and you've got to know that you have a huge responsibility by taking on guests!


So lets see what's involved!


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Coponis is just the best thing you can put in the hands of the guests who visit your holiday home-via an app on their mobile phone, it’s a complete management and information tool for the safe and smooth running of each guests stay.

You add all the information about your holiday home from keys to how the washer works, safety info, location info, weather, security, things to do, cash points, local parking, local shops, everything you could possibly want your guest to know in the palm of you hand.

Freeing up time for you, increasing their enjoyment of their stay with you and even following up with texts and asking for feedback after the holiday! It’s cheap and easy to implement, yes there’s some typing to do but no more than creating the essential welcome pack for your guests that you would do anyway plus Coponis connects with google and draws in local info and weather details, saving you even more time-Amazing!! I use it in my holiday home and I love it and so do my guests.


 You can hear my interview with Dan Whiting of Coponis at


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This is the first episode of the Industry News Blog which is just going to be short little dittos of pieces of information that I have found which are going to be really really relevant to our world as holiday home owners | vacation rental owners. I'll be bringing news updates, trends from the worldwide travel industry.  I'm doing this because I am slightly obsessed with the travel world and particularly in the holiday lets | vacation rental industry but a lot of things that go on in the entire travel industry as a whole around the world, whether it's directly within the holiday let | vacation rental industry will affect our particular area so I have started to collect and notice some trends and I think it be useful for them to it to come across you and I hope they are useful and it may well affect the way that you continue to build your business as a holiday home owner for the future and hopefully this will show you little piece of information you can just tweak the way you run your business or you market your business or systemise your business how you interact with guests and how you attract people to your business and that ongoing contact with them, So this first short ditto we are talking about mobile and how things are changing rapidly.

Get the free ebook '25 Top Resources for Holiday Let Success' at


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Systemizing is one of the most important things you can do for your business and one way of doing this is through a management system that tracks the entire process.


Websites and the importance of your own when dealing with your holiday let business is something else we chat about, the templates available from HLS Solutions and their useability plus the Free management system they come with.


We also chat about keeping in touch with your guests and postential guests and how to keep in touch once you've extablished a connection with them along with some of the providers out there that can help you do this

Head on over to to read the show notes and check out some of the providers we discuss.

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Has Facebook become a slightly worrying, unknown area for you as a Holiday Home | Vacation Rental Owner?


The answers to all your Facebook worries and concerns such as

How to get more likes?

How to get more engagement?

How to use groups?

Paid or unpaid adverts?

What do I do with my likes after I get them?


All these and more questions are answered in this episode with the undisputed Queen of Facebook Valerie Shoopman. Valerie is a regular guest in a Vacation Rental herslef on a yearly basis so we truly see how Facebook can work for you from a guests point of view, so you can add value to them and their stay with you!

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Have you ever considered podcasting to add value to your holiday let/vacation rental business? 


Either as a holiday home owner or as a Holiday letting/vacation rental agent?


Listen to some great info on what we got up to at the Ukpod14 get together, where we discussed podcasting for business and how it can help you, plus how to start!


If you want to find out a little more about how podcasting can help you, contact me at and go to the contacts page!

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Hear Alans guiding principals that he teaches to all his Holiday Home owners taking his series of courses 'BookingPlus4G' 

Hear how to increase your online presence, website views and ultimately bookings, for FREE!

Bringing a whole new angle to advertising vacation rentals..


Informed = Booked, check out the show notes at

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Gay Friendly Vacation Rental Accommodation-It's the attitude that counts. for the show notes and links to Louises article

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

What makes accommodation gay-friendly? Is there a distinction? Louise and I discuss these questions and more so that we as holiday home owners are able to offer the best of the best to our audience of guests, and do it right!

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Industry Expert-Director and founder of New Mortgage Solutions, Francis Worman, joined me to discuss the importance of preparation and research when considering finance for a Holiday Let Property.

Find out what your options are for financing your new venture.

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Micro subletting and AirBnB are a huge topic of conversation and are really shaking up the Vacation Rental/Holiday let scene, and giving hotels a run for their money.
Mikey is turning his extra livable space into extra income and it's not just a bit more income for now, he's paving the way for a long term financial plan based on his Blueprint for Success in AirBnB. Having gone on to buy a second property and plans for a third, all from the income he's made from micro subletting!

He's here to share exactly how he’s doing it and you can do it too! head over to and listen in!

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From Property investor to Overseas property investor to Vacation Rental owner to podcast host. Taylors history and experience across these ever changing property markets is clear in his interview, he thinks a little differently and that's why he is able to make his investment work in the market he has invested in.

Since launching his podcast, The Overseas Property Investor Insider, Taylor has got to know some of the people at the top of the Vacation Rental | Holiday Let game and he shares some of their lessons here: From Jasper Ribbers to Thibault Maisson, past guest Heather Bayer and John Grey of HomeAway.

The future in the industry is as exciting as ever!

Read back through what we discussed at there's a lot to handle!


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This post was originally written by , you can read about the author and check out the original here Holiday Let Success - The Podcast for Holiday Home Owners

    Vacation Rental Success Podcast host Heather Bayer joined me to chat about ensuring your holiday let/vacation rental prospers; including how podcasting could be the future for your holiday let!   I was lucky enough to be joined on the show by the hugely inspirational Heather Bayer of . Heather has been in the...

The post Ep 004: Podcasting for More Exposure, Enquiries and Money | Heather Bayer appeared first on Holiday Let Success.

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Our featured Industry Expert Matthew Smith from Inspire Home Automation on how taking advantage of the hugely useable app and internet based automation market can benefit your bottom line in your Holiday Let Business.

Increase Bookings, Reduce Costs, Save Time

Amazingly controllable automation products for your holiday let business and how implementing them can save time, money, worry and hassle for holiday home owners. Plus give your guests a holiday experience of ease and the right temperature for the right season.

See you over at, we'd love to connect hear from you with questions and responses!

If you like Heather Bayer at Vacation Rental Success tune in to this podcast for the lowdown on how to prosper in the holiday rental/vacation rental industry


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Hi, I’m Elaine Watt

I’m your host on The Holiday Let Success Podcast, I’m a mum to four, wife to a lovely husband and I’m addicted to non-fiction. But less about me…..

First, let’s look at why Holiday Let Success is useful for you.

Every holiday home owners has the same battles, learning curves and worries whilst striving to build their holiday let business to be the best that it can be-from weeks rented and the bottom line to the all important guest experience.
So we’re here to talk. About any and every aspect of the holiday let world.

If it affects you. If it affects your property. If it affects your bottom line. If it affects your guests. We’ll talk about it!

Here’s just some of the things you’ll find here…

* Interviews with industry experts

* Interviews with successful holiday home owners

* Proven, Useful & Useable resources and ideas

* Loads of Free downloads to help you run your business

* Free Step by Step Online Courses

* Premium Step by Step Courses 

All this brought to you via the wonderful medium of the Podcast, through connecting those who’ve been there and done it, and looking to inject some fun and enjoyment into your corner of this fantastic hospitality industry.

See you over at I'd love to hear from you!

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This post was originally written by , you can read about the author and check out the original here Holiday Let Success - The Podcast for Holiday Home Owners

  Schofields Insurance Ltd kindly lent us their marketing expert and family member, Phil Schofield, so we could take his knowledge of the trials and tribulations holiday home owners may face during their business journey, and what Holiday Home Insurance can do to ease the way and protect your rental income. Phil’s guiding principal that...

Above all else, ensure you don't lose rental income due to an event in your property!

The post Ep 002: Protect Your Rental Income with Phil Schofield appeared first on Holiday Let Success.

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